Amazon selling Galaxy S3 for only a penny and Galaxy Note 2 for $139.99
6 February, 20136 February, 2013 Samsung Samsung

If you are waiting for a good deal on a Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S3, here's your chance. On amazon now, you can get your hands on both the Galaxy S3 for just $1 Penny and the Galaxy Note 2 as little as $139.99, the catch is you must sign up for a 2 year contract.

However if you want a white version of the Galaxy Note 2, you will have to pay $30 more for that option, Amazon is also providing customers with free two-day shipping.

Both of the handsets look like a pretty good deal at those prices, get it while it lasts. Links are provided below:

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Blue)

Samsung Galaxy S3 (White)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Black)

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (White)


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