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Amplicon M6000 Rings Loud for Hearing Impaired

3 August, 2010 Android


A new mobile phone has been especially designed for people with hearing impairment, and features extra-loud ringtones and loudspeaker. 

The simply designed handset is also ideal for older people and the sight impaired, as it comes with large, clear buttons and a generally uncluttered design that will please all those who eschew overly-sophisticated handsets. 

The screen on the handset also displays text messages in extra large type. For the elderly there is an SOS button at the back to allow the user to call a relative in an emergency. 

Although the extra-loud ringtone is a useful feature for those with poor hearing, its ability to reach 100 decibels (the same volume as a pneumatic drill) could prove to be a nuisance for anyone else in the vicinity. 

In fact, the Amplicon M6000 can reach even higher levels, up to 110dB - the equivalent of a South African vuvuzela horn being blown next to the unfortunate victim's head, according to the 
Daily Mail

Amplicon's product manager David Youngs, who himself has hearing difficulties, said that often people don't like to wear their hearing aids when making calls. 

Mr Youngs said: "I can make a call and even if I haven't got my hearing aid on, I can just push the volume up and hear the conversation perfectly." 

He added that the ring tone is so loud that users would probably get themselves thrown out of a restaurant! However, he said the simple design would be welcomed by all those who "want simplicity", and for whom "talk of megapixel cameras, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and music files is extremely offputting." 


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