Andriod edition 4.3 build for Google can be installed on normal S4too
30 June, 201330 June, 2013 Samsung Samsung



Andriod 4.3 was going to be launched somewhere in mid-may, when Google held its developer conference. But the software version haven't announced yet. But after sometime we have heard that the Google edition or the Nexus experience that was available in the market can be easily updated to Andriod 4.3 so, everyone thought that the new bits will arrive somewhere in July.



But today, the Andriod 4.3 Google edition has been leaked. This is just the testing firmware, so it may contain some issues. It doesn't contain any new feature other than the camera app that was already present in Nexus experience. It's basically the same app with not a lot of changes in it.



The other thing is that Google shouldn't bother calling it a 4.3 and Andriod 4.2.3 is a far better choice for branding. You can easily install the leaked edition on ‘Google edition' S4 or vanilla internationally sold S4.



The original firmware is almost ready and should get launched very soon.

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