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Android Key Lime Pie to be launched this fall

28 June, 2013 Android

Android Key Lime Pie to be launched this fall, internally, this version of also called "K Release".  We still don't know if Key Lime Pie is Android 4.3, or Android 5.0. We'll probably find out more on this in the couple of weeks.

Manufacturers that build devices using the official version of Android-which comes with Google's Web services preinstalled-weren't previously allowed by Google to use the Android name to promote devices other than smartphones and tablets. Over time, Google has changed its "compatibility" restrictions to allow for more device types.

Samsung has said it's working on an Android-based watch with smartphone-like capabilities. Wearable computing is a hot area of development for startups and technology giants. The Wall Street Journal reported in February that Apple was developing a watch-like device with smartphone features.

Earlier this week, Sony announced its new (own) Android-powered wristwatch, called Sony SmartWatch 2. This will be available starting September for $199.99.


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