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August Security Patch Lands on the Galaxy S8

4 August, 2018 Samsung Updates

We are still in the first week of August and Samsung has already started to push out the security patch of the month to the Galaxy S8. It should be noted that the S9 and S9+ are still running on the July patch, so this is a bit of a surprise. In case you are wondering if this includes the Galaxy S8+ as well, the answer would be a no. Don't worry though, because it's probably almost ready for the S8+ as well and it is quite possible that by the time you are done reading this article, the S8+ might already have started getting the same update.

The 418.18MB update comes in as firmware version G950FXXU3CRGH and aside from the security boost, it will also improve the game launcher apparently. Given how useless the app really is to be frank, we are not sure why they would even bother to be honest, especially when Samsung could have just sent the improvements via a solo app update.

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