BlackBerry Bold 9700 - Flash White available on T-Mobile for FREE
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Could never imagine you can get a BlackBerry Bold for free with a contract, becauase last year this time I had to pay $249 for my BlackBerry Bold with a contact.  But this is what T-Mobile's doing at the moment.


This sexy beast has an optical mouse control instead of a trackball and device gives you the cutting edge technology to keep you productive and "in the know" in work and life when you are from my computer without trading off style.


Some detailed specs below



Video Messaging Use your phone to capture your favorite moments on video, then share them instantly with your friends and family.

Text messaging* The quick, quiet way to stay connected.

Instant messaging* Send and receive instant messages with AOL®, Yahoo!®, Windows Live Messenger®, and Google Talk®.


3.2 Megapixel camera with Video Capture Capture special moments as photos or video clips. View them later on your phone, print them out or share them with family and friends by sending them to any e-mail address, T-Mobile camera phone.

Video capture/playback Capture and play back short video clips.

Music player Make a personal soundtrack with your favorite MP3s on your phone.

Games Enjoy your down time more with fun games on your phone.


Internet and corporate e-mail* Send and receive messages from corporate and Internet accounts.

Wi-Fi and Mobile Calling* Get great coverage with Wi-Fi and Mobile Calling. Send and receive calls over T-Mobile's wireless network or any Wi-Fi network you have access to, whether you're at home or on the road.

Built-in QWERTY Keypad With the built-in keypad, you can type messages easily.

Visual Voicemail With Visual Voicemail you can listen to your voicemail messages in any order, respond in one click and easily manage your inbox without ever dialing in to the network.

Stereo Bluetooth® Connectivity Make hands-free wireless calls and listen to your music in style, and in stereo. With Bluetooth stereo headphones, you can hear all your favorite music the way it was meant to be heard.

Speaker phone Put down the phone and keep talking with a convenient speakerphone.

Picture messaging* Send pictures from your phone to others.

International phone Use this phone in any part of the international T-Mobile network.

Hands-free options Use a hands-free headset while accessing other applications such as your calendar while on a call.

Easily synch w/ Microsoft Outlook Stay in synch with your Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks in Microsoft Outlook


3G Quickly connect to the Internet via 3G anywhere within the T-Mobile USA 3G network.

Voice dialing Call someone with simple voice commands to keep your hands free for activities like driving.

Real web browsing* Get more pages and better Web content delivered efficiently to your phone.

Micro SD memory slot Add more memory for multimedia files, data, and more.

GPS built-in* Get your real-time location on maps, driving directions, and more*

3G Network and Wi-Fi access High-speed 3G network connection for surfing the web or downloading information quickly and effortlessly or seamlessly transition to open Wi-Fi networks to surf the web or download information quickly

Mobile Backup Lets you store your contacts on T-Mobile's network so even if you lose your phone, you don't lose your contacts.


Alarm clock Handy reminders help you stay on schedule.

Calendar Keep track of appointments and even set reminders to make sure you're on time.

Calculator A handy way to check your figures.

Bluetooth® connectivity Wirelessly connect your phone to optional compatible hands-free accessories such as headsets and car kits.




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