Blackberry Storm 2 Hands-On pictures
23 May, 200923 May, 2009 BlackBerry BlackBerry


First, the big news is that RIM has dropped the SurePress screen, so there is no clickable screen. In our opinion this is what made the device actually unique over the plethora of other touchscreen consumer devices out there, and it worked pretty darn well, managing the bridge the gap (partially) between phones with keys (i.e. the Bold) and phones with nothing (i.e. Palm Pre). Why RIM dumped its one unique feature, we'll never know. Word has it that they have chosen the haptic route, but no sign of that could be found in this build.


Not much is known about the interface due to a bug that would not allow access beyond the home screen, so most of the observations are regarding the hardware. The device is a bit more hefty than before, and due to the lack of click and any sort of haptic feedback ends up feeling much like an iPhone. It uses capacitive type touch rather than resistive, much like the original Storm.



The designed is slightly slicker and thinner, and the the formally physical Call, Menu, Back and End keys are now touch sensitive. This is also mysifying for us. If you are going to make the oft-used buttons physical, make them easy to hit and react with. Unless RIM has the aforementioned unrealized brilliant haptic feedback ready to go this seems downright silly.


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