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December 7, 2018 - Samsung Firmware Daily Updates

6 December, 2018 Samsung Updates


Today's list is actually not as varied as the one from yesterday, but it does have some of Samsung's best handsets on it. See the tutorial first before trying to flash any of them on your smartphone or tablet, so that you don't end up bricking it. Good luk.

Device Name Model Region Version OS Version Build Date Download
Galaxy A8 Plus SM-A730F XME A730FXXU3BRK3 8.0.0 12.11.2018  Download
SM-G610M SM-G610M CHL G610MUBU3CRK1 8.1.0 31.10.2018  Download
SM-J730G SM-J730G ICE J730GUBU5BRJ2 8.1.0 24.10.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F OPS G935FXXU3ERJE 8.0.0 25.10.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F NBS G935FXXS3ERKB 8.0.0 08.11.2018  Download
SM-J200M SM-J200M CWW J200MUBS2ARK7 5.1.1 09.11.2018  Download
SM-T713 SM-T713 XEZ T713XXS2BRI1 7.0 20.09.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F TIM G930FXXU3ERJE 8.0.0 25.10.2018  Download
Galaxy S9 Plus (SM-G965F) SM-G965F TEL G965FXXS2BRJ6 8.0.0 29.10.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F SEE G930FXXS3ERKE 8.0.0 22.11.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F TEB G930FXXS3ERKE 8.0.0 22.11.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F OPS G930FXXU3ERJE 8.0.0 25.10.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F H3G G930FXXU3ERJE 8.0.0 25.10.2018  Download
SM-J810M SM-J810M COL J810MUBU2ARJ2 8.0.0 16.10.2018  Download
SM-J701M SM-J701M TTT J701MUBU5BRK1 8.1.0 07.11.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F ORX G930FXXS3ERKE 8.0.0 22.11.2018  Download
Galaxy A5 2017 (SM-A520F) SM-A520F ECT A520FXXU7CRK2 8.0.0 12.11.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F PHE G930FXXS3ERKE 8.0.0 22.11.2018  Download
Galaxy A8 SM-A530F CWW A530FXXU3BRI1 8.0.0 07.09.2018  Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930F NBS G930FXXS3ERKB 8.0.0 08.11.2018  Download


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