DialApp brings up magical call dialing service

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Dexetra Software has launched a magical and intelligent application that can scan your mind in an effective manner. Yes, Dexetra Software, the team which earlier launched applications like Iris and Friday has come up with Dialapp, a dialer that contains similar features as Android stock dialer but what makes it different is its twisting feature. DialApp providing effective guessing feature, it already guess the contact number you are about to make a call to.



DialApp is well-designed software that learns from the habits and communications of the user. By analyzing your call history, location and time it concludes and makes it easier for you to dial the required contact. In this regard, the magical DialApp brings up the contacts on the call history screen that you are most likely to call and you can select in no time from them.



Very simple but effective application can be connected through Google+ users can sign in and get start with the magical functionality of DialApp by Dexetra's Friday service. Get started with Dialapp and make let it do its job.







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