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Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset, A device can Read your thoughts to Control your Computer [Video]

22 July, 2012 Technology


Imagine a gadget which reads your thoughts and allows you to do cool things with it on your computer! Guess What ? It's Real


Unboxing EPOC

The gadget is called EPOC and it's made by Emotiv. It's a futuristic looking headset, which reads your brain activity via the scalp of your head and translates it into various actions, so you can control your computer with it but not full-control.



The Epoc is a neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless headset. It uses 16 sensors to capture the electric signals produced by your brain. Put simply, it's a thought detector. But alongside this, it's also a feelings and expressions grabber, so if you blink, smile or sneeze it'll know. Watch the Video below to see a live DEMO of the device!

This gadget will be available for sale on all markets very soon.



Click to Watch The Video!


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