Galaxy Note 3 With A 5.99 Inch Super Amoled Display
30 June, 201330 June, 2013 Samsung Samsung




There are many existing rumors regarding the upcoming galaxy note 3. The galaxy Note 3 is coming with an additional feature of 5.99 inch super AMOLED flexible display as reported by South Korea.



There are many reports and rumors regarding this Galaxy Note 3. Some reports have mentioned 5.7 inch display instead of 5.99 inch. On the other hand, a report mentions that it will be using both AMOLED and LCD display. Samsung is not yet ready to use flexible displays in devices but the publication lists a couple of reasons for Samsung's decision to use a flexible display.



If Samsung launches this Galaxy Note 3 with flexible display, it could be the first smartphone maker to have flexible display in markets. Xperia Z Ultra and HTC one max appear to be rivals of Samsung flagship as they have been already announced.



MT media says that Galaxy note 3 with flexible display will be launched in September. But it's not confirmed it can just be a rumor also.

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