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Google Nexus 7 has a Display Backlight Bleeding Issue [Photos]

20 July, 2012 Google Nexus

Nexus 7


Users have been reporting that the Google Nexus 7 tablet has a pretty annoying display backlight issue visible regardless of the lighting conditions. The problem was brought up by some users who noticed that light was bleeding from the side of his unit's display.

Similar irregularities in backlight illumination are not something new. In fact, you might spot them with a naked eye if you look closely at the display of a cheaper handset.

Nexus 7

In this case, however, the issue is much more prominent, which is why the unlucky owner of this faulty Google Nexus 7 is waiting for a replacement. Oh well, at least he got to be among the first to take the tablet for a spin, albeit only for a short while.


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