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Google Nexus 7 sales banned by the Chinese Government

11 September, 2012 Google Nexus

Nexus 7

The Chinese Government has barred the affordable 7 incher from landing in Chinese stores, and it seems this denial for the Asus-made Google tablet comes as a response to Google threatening to leave the country in 2010 as authorities wanted to censor more than Google thought possible.


The China government's negative attitude is interpreted as a response to Google's announcement of withdrawing from the China market in March 2010, the sources pointed out. It is difficult for the Nexus 7 to enter the China market, even through sale of Asustek's marketing network there, the sources indicated.



What's worse is news that without China, the projected sales of the Nexus 7 in 2012 might drop by more than a half - down from 8 million to merely 3.5 million devices.





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