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Google Nexus 7 selling like CRAZY, Sold-out on Most of the Retailers

14 July, 2012 Google Nexus

Nexus 7


It seems like people really do love 7" tablets priced at $200 and branded by known companies (Google & Amazon) because word has it that retail partners have already begun reporting that the Google Nexus 7 is sold out.


According to a Reuters report, GameStop, Staples, Sam's Club, Office Depot, and Walmart have all listed the tablet as sold out. And, keep in mind that the Nexus 7 still hasn't officially hit store shelves, these are all pre-orders.


nexus 7


Supposedly, GameStop has actually already run through its first two allocations of the tablet, and won't be seeing its third allocation arrive until August. And, as of today, the websites for Staples, Sam's Club, Walmart, and Office Depot are all listing the tablet as being out of stock. This all happening before the tablet has even officially gotten a street date.



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