HTC Incredible S in red is coming soon
18 March, 201118 March, 2011 HTC HTC



Another colour version of the HTC Unimaginable S has simply been noticed on a Danish retailer's website. If black appeared all too played out for you, you will eventually have an opportunity to get the latest HTC smartphone flagship in red.


Now there is no such thing as a value talked about on the positioning so the pink red Incredible S clearly is not in stock simply but, but its existence is confirmed now. We are not quite certain red is the proper selection for the second option as silver, for example may need had a broader appeal. Nonetheless, having choices is sweet and that's why that is pretty good.


We don't know how soon, and neither for what price (although the price should not be too different from the price of the black version - about $550).


source: unwiredview

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