HTC sees quarterly revenue and shipments more than double
21 January, 201121 January, 2011 HTC HTC


Pretty impression earnings released by HTC this last quarter. During 2010 HTC more then doubled their smartphone shipments to 24.6 million units, compared to 11.7 million shipped in 2009. Their revenue grew 93% YoY to $7 billion. Profits increased 75% to $1.3 billion. And Q4 2010 was even more impressive for HTC, with smartphone shipments growing 163% to 9.1 million units.



• Brand awareness reached 50% globally - quadrupling from our brand launch  in 2009.
• HTC became one of the effective and leading smart phone brands worldwide.
• Operation efficiency increased as a result of scale expansion.
• Optimized global organization to prepare HTC for fast-growing business opportunities.
• Volume grew to 24.6mn from 11.7mn, up 111% yoy.
• Revenue grew to NT$278.8bn from NT$144.5bn, up 93% compared to 2009.
• Net Profit grew to NT$39.5bn from NT$22.6bn, up 75% yoy.


Peter Chou, HTC chief executive, said the company began building its brand awareness globally in 2009 to seize on last year's "explosive growth" in smartphone demand.

To meet expected double-digit world market growth in 2011, Chou said HTC will double its monthly capacity in its Shanghai factory to 2 million handsets and will consider outsourcing if that becomes necessary.

Chou also said that HTC will branch out into tablet computers, but declined to give details.

"It's a new market with many competitors, and we don't want to rush into it," Chou said. "We hope the product we eventually unveil will be one that meets consumers' needs."


source: Associated Press

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