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Most popular camera on Flickr is The Nikon D90 and the iPhone 4

17 April, 2011 Technology


Flickr is one of the first websites that comes to mind when you have some photos to share with friends or when you just want to upload your cat photo albums for everyone to admire. For several years Flickr has been the place to upload and share photos, no matter your how skilled you are or what gear you have.

Talking about gear, Flickr has pretty interesting statistics for what are the most used cameras for taking pics at Flickr. The first place is taken by the good Nikon D90 a nearly three-year-old DSLR camera, which is not such a surprise. The real shocker, is the runner-up. Its the iPhone 4, and looking at the charts bellow its comes really, really close to taking the crown as Flickr most popular camera.


gsmarena 002 Most popular camera on Flickr? The Nikon D90, but the iPhone 4 is a close second


Interestingly, the cameraphones in the Android family are not doing well at all. Looking at the cart of the most used cameraphones, the top place is taken by the iPhone 4 with the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G sliding into second and third respectively. The only Android representatives are the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC Droid Incredible, but their share is so low, that its almost insignificant.


gsmarena 003 Most popular camera on Flickr? The Nikon D90, but the iPhone 4 is a close second


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