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Rumors: Samsung working on a cheaper Galaxy Note II and 13" tablet

3 December, 2012 Samsung

Galaxy Note II


Rumor has it that a cheaper alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note II is already in the works and will be released on the European market. It might not carry the Note branding, however, as it will not come with an S Pen, according to the source.

It is also speculated that an LCD screen will be used instead of an AMOLED panel. The idea behind this rumored handset is to let a broader range of consumers have a taste of what having a smartphone with a huge screen feels like. How much the cheaper Note II alternative will cost, however, is not being mentioned.


Samsung tablet


Next up we have a rumor about a 13.3-inch tablet by Samsung that will mimic the concept behind the Asus Transformer series. In other words, the slate will be accompanied by a physical keyboard dock. The dock could also be sold separately, as an optional accessory. Our guess is that this mysterious 13.3-inch tablet will run Android.




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