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Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite Hands-on [Video Part 1 & 2]

10 December, 2012 Galaxy S III

S3 premium suite

Samsung has released the 2nd Part of the Samsung GALAXY S III Premium Suite Hands-on Video, we already saw Part 1 last week. the Premium suite is basically some new features that will be added to the the Galaxy S III along with the Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean update very soon.


s3 jb prem s3 jb

Samsung went through the trouble of producing a multi-part video (Watch Part 1 & 2 below). Under that heading, we have Page Buddy. This is a feature that someone should have thought of before. You can set your phone to recognize when the earphone jack is in use and have your phone automatically go to your music. The Contextual Menu will allow you to see the most frequently used apps first, and with the Contextual Tag, photos are tagged with the date, located and weather.


samsung logo

Enhanced Features include Multi-Windows, a multitasker's best friend. Two apps can be run on the screen which is split into two equal windows. Turn the Auto Share Shot mode to on and share photos and videos by tapping other devices that support NFC and S-Beam. Reader Mode lets you more easily control the size of the text on your phone and share it. Lastly, the Facebook Lock Ticker lets you view your Facebook news feeds on your lock screen.


Watch Part 1


Watch Part 2



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