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Samsung working on an Exynos 5440 Quad-core Processor Cortex A15

3 December, 2012 Samsung



You may already know that Samsung Exynos 5 (aka Exynos 5250) Dual-core processors that Samsung included on its latest Nexus 10 tablet, it's the first Cortex A15 cip to be paired with Mali T604 GPU, but Samsung want to improve it even more adding another 2 cores to double its performance.


Evidence suggests that a Samsung Exynos 5440 is already in the works. This new SoC will be of the Quad-core kind and will also utilize Cortex A15 processors. All this lines up nicely with the rumors about a new 28nm chip that Samsung is currently being tested.


Exynos 5440

We hope to learn more about the Quad-core Exynos 5440 during the first months of 2013. Details about the new chip might be announced at MWC 2013, which kicks off on February,25th.



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