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Solution to Verizon LTE outage across the US on HTC Thunderbolt 4G
27 April, 201127 April, 2011 HTC HTC

Droidman at HTC Thunderbolt Forum has figured out a way to get around the LTE 4G outage currently experiencing with all the verizon wireless customers.


Yep. Down here in N. California. 1X only. Here is a tip - if you didn't know, Thunderbolt uses a "special" 3G, so during the outage, you may also lose 3G coverage. Here's how you can get it back.


1. Dial ##778# and press call/send
2. Choose Edit Mode. Password is 000000
3. Go to Modem Settings
4. Select Rev A.
5. Select Enable
6. Press Menu -> Commit Modifications
7. Reboot (will auto reboot after 10 seconds if nothing done)


Your phone will use Rev A 3G, but will switch back to 4G when available.


It seems to work for me...


**I am checking to see if you have to do anything to "undo" this when the network is back up and will keep you posted on what I find**


source: HTC Thunderbolt Forum


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