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The Nokia Charging Plate DT-600, Charges up to 5 Nokia Devices at once

14 September, 2010 Nokia


Also on Nokia World 2010 Nokia has Launched this Great accessories that can charger up to 5 Nokia phones at once with an USB adapter and a hub with the electric adapter in like the HTC and iphones Chargers. but it charges Not even phone Only but Bluetooth Headsets too!


Product Overview

• Enjoy the life with full battery. Nokia Charging Plate

DT-600 is an efficient charger for the devices you use in

your life. Charge up to five devices simultaneously. Top

class charging efficiency and speed.

• Turn off the power and leave the tray plugged in all the

time without any power consumption. Charge with

style, without cable mess. Replace five chargers with

one say goodbye to chargers and wires lying around.


Compatible with hundreds of devices

• Nokia 2 mm charging interface

• MicroUSB charging interface; the standardized charging

interface for mobile devices

• USB charging interface with six additional USB chargers


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