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Toshiba revealed 13-Megapixel camera sensor for Smartphones
2 December, 20122 December, 2012 Technology Technology

Toshiba 13MP

Today, Toshiba announced the latest CMOS camera sensor that it has developed, and on paper, it seems like a promising piece of silicon.


Toshiba 13mp cmos sensor

Toshiba's new camera sensor offers 13 megapixels of resolution, but that's not what makes it special. It stands out with being made using 1.12 micron pixels, which results in a footprint of only 8.5 square millimeters. Now, when pixel size goes down, image quality deteriorates, but Toshiba says it has addressed the issue with integrated color noise reduction technology. Furthermore, the sensor is of the backside-illuminated kind, so in theory, it should perform well even in low-light conditions.


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