Verizon Misfit Toys - New Verizon Ad bashing AT&T's network
8 November, 20098 November, 2009 Verizon Verizon


You've probably heard that AT&T is suing Verizon for their earlier TV ads on how AT&T's 3G coverage sucks compare to Verizon Wireless 3G coverage. 


AT&T's conditions are as follow

* Wants to stop use of "misleading" maps in Verizon ads

* Says ads are causing "incalculable" market share loss

* AT&T asks for temporary restraining order

* Verizon Wireless says suit without merit (Adds Verizon Wireless comment, detail from suit, background)


That was couple of days ago, but today, we found another Verizon Wireless's ad bashing AT&T's network, see below video, don't forget to leave the comment below.


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