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18 January, 201318 January, 2013 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III

Galaxy Player

Samsung might have decided that it makes sense to take the 5.8" Galaxy Player, and turn it into a phone. Granted, the resolution of said multimedia device is just qHD, and it is on the huge size.


Samsung Galaxy Player


Galaxy GT-I9152 Fonblet is the codename of this Player reincarnation, and before you dismiss the name as unlikely to happen, remember that Samsung actually filed a trademark for the Fonblet moniker last year, so it has every chance to become reality.


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10 January, 201310 January, 2013 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III Titanium Gray


Finally, T-Mobile is Now offering the Titanium Gray variant of the Samsung GALAXY S III starting from today. Most of the T-Mobile retail stores have received their inventory of the Titanium Gray model, which offers 16GB of native storage.


Galaxy S III

The Price of the Titanium Gray Samsung GALAXY S III 16GB is the same as the 16GB Pebble Blue and Marble White version $279.99 as mentioned on T-Mobile website.


via T-Mobile

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4 January, 20134 January, 2013 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III


Samsung is taking the security of its products serious, the software department released a patch to fix the security holes for the kernel vulnerability in Exynos devices. The Patch is currently rolling-out as an update to Samsung GALAXY S III users in the UK.

The updated software I9300XXELLA is available only in the UK. Samsung confirm that the same patch will be heading to other regions very soon but for now Galaxy S III owners in the UK should update as soon as possible the update is available both as OTA and via Kies.



The update comes with a new bootloader, which is the first bootloader update for the Galaxy S III since its launch. The sudden death issue should no longer be a problem after this new bootloader.


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31 December, 201231 December, 2012 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III

S3 mini


Samsung has just starting shipping the GALAXY S III mini with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Out of the box in Asia, Indonesia and Vietnam, more regions is coming soon.


S3 mini

The New GALAXY S III mini devices will have all Premium Suite options of the GALAXY S3, its Big brother. Currently S3 mini users will get the same Premium Suite update with Page Buddy, Multi Window, Paper Artist, Group Cast, Smart Rotation, a new Customizable notification panel, a new gallery app and more.


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31 December, 201231 December, 2012 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III



Samsung Galaxy S III sales already reached 30 Million during the 3rd Quarter of this Year (Q3, 2012) which made a record in smartphones sales worldwide, Making the S III one of the Best Smartphones this year. Analysts predicts that the Galaxy S III sales will continue to grow even if the iPhone 5 entered the competition.



Latest reports predicts that the Galaxy S III sales will Hit 50 Million by the beginning of the first Quarter Next year (Q1, 2013). It's only a prediction but its highly anticipated as the Christmas is coming and the S3 sounds like the perfect gift in the Electronics genre. Besides, Samsung has just recently updated the device to the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which brings many improvements and features that's not presented on many smartphones on the market currently.




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29 December, 201229 December, 2012 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III

Galaxy S3 mini

Apple withdrew a patent claim against a new Samsung phone with a hi-resolution screen. In a filing with the U.S. Federal Court in San Jose, Apple disclosed that it would not continue the patent claim since the device will not be offered in the U.S. The phone in question could be the Samsung Galaxy S III mini.


Last month, Apple asked the court to add that model, along with some other Samsung phones and tablets, to its seemingly non-stop patent battle against Korean rival Samsung. The latter responded that since the Samsung Galaxy S III mini will not be offered in the U.S., it should not be part of the litigation.


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28 December, 201228 December, 2012 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III

S3 Extended Battery Kit


We showed you the Samsung Galaxy S III Extended Battery Kit before, it was available for Online Pre-order at Mobilefun UK. Today, We have a review video of the entire Kit.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Extended Battery Kit contains a 3000 mAh battery + a back flip-cover that replaces the stock back cover of the S3 as you may notice the new battery is a little thicker than the stock battery, which overs protection to the device and extend its battery life more than 50% more... all this without affecting the NFC-connectivity of the phone.


Battery Kit Retail package

The video below is Not in English, but you can see how the Extended Battery kit and the flip cover attached to the device.



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21 December, 201221 December, 2012 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III

samsung dock

Remember the Samsung Speaker Dock we post about it couple of days ago, It's now an Official product and list on Amazon Germany website for €130
which is about $170.

The Dock is not available on the Amazon UK or US websites yet, but we can expect it very soon with the same price tag. The Samsung Dock pack a 6W stereo speaker that can stream music from a Samsung smartphone over Bluetooth and charge it in the same time via its microUSB port. There's an auxiliary input as well, should you decide to hook up a compatible device.




Samsung Speaker Dock is compatible with many Samsung Smartphones, including the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3 mini, Galaxy Premier and also the Galaxy Nexus.

Amazon (Germany)

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21 December, 201221 December, 2012 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III

S3 premium suite

Samsung has released a 2-Parts Hands-on Video of the Samsung GALAXY S III Premium Suite Update. the Premium suite is basically some new features that will be added to the the Galaxy S III along with the Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean update very soon.


s3 jb prem s3 jb

Samsung went through the trouble of producing a multi-part video (Watch Part 1 & 2 below). Under that heading, we have Page Buddy. This is a feature that someone should have thought of before. You can set your phone to recognize when the earphone jack is in use and have your phone automatically go to your music. The Contextual Menu will allow you to see the most frequently used apps first, and with the Contextual Tag, photos are tagged with the date, located and weather.


samsung logo

Enhanced Features include Multi-Windows, a multitasker's best friend. Two apps can be run on the screen which is split into two equal windows. Turn the Auto Share Shot mode to on and share photos and videos by tapping other devices that support NFC and S-Beam. Reader Mode lets you more easily control the size of the text on your phone and share it. Lastly, the Facebook Lock Ticker lets you view your Facebook news feeds on your lock screen.


Watch Part 1


Watch Part 2


20 December, 201220 December, 2012 Galaxy S III Galaxy S III

JB 4.1.2

The Android 4.1.2 Premium suite Update has just started Rolling-out to Unlocked Samsung GALAXY S III device in the UK, the update is available via KIES and Over-The-Air (OTA).


S3 JB 4.1.2


Most of the new features of the update included MultiView, which lets two apps share the big screen for better multitasking. There are improvements to the camera (easier sharing, low-light mode, Best face mode, panorama expanded to 360 degrees), page buddy for the homescreen, Facebook for the lockscreen and more.



s3 jb 4.1.2


s3 jb 4.1.2


S3 4.1.2




Go to S3 JB 4.1.2 Page


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