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Galaxy S III

Here we are, The world has a new best-selling smartphone. According to some data by Strategy Analytics, Samsung's Galaxy S III has managed to grab the 1st Place by selling more than 18 Million units during the three-month period, which accounts for a smartphone market share of 11%.




The 2nd place belongs to Apple, which has moved about 16.2 million units of the iPhone 4S. The success of the GS III is mainly attributed to its large touchscreen, global distribution and generous carrier subsidies, as well as customers holding off purchasing the 4S in anticipation of the iPhone 5.





Love Angry Birds? Have a Galaxy S III ? You'll love this Red Birdcase designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Angry Birds case protects the back and sides of your phone from accidental bumps, drops and scrapes. The tough plastic shell will save your precious Samsung Galaxy S3 from accidents, The case available on for £16.99 Only.




The shell has cutouts for the ports and features of your phone such as the camera with flash, volume and charging ports without having to remove the case from your phone first. The simple snap on design allows for easy installation and removal if necessary. It features a special coating which will not scratch the back of your phone when on. This case features the popular Red Bird design from the game Angry Birds.

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30M S3


Samsung has just Officially announced that the GALAXY S III sales has reached more than 30 Million devices worldwide, According to the official Twitter account for Samsung Poland with photos of the Samsung employee dancing... Samsung is clearly enjoying a significant degree of success with the handset.


30 Million S3


It was just two months ago when Samsung announced the 20 Million GALAXY S III milestone, that's mean that another 10 Million S3 units sold in the past two months.


Source (Twitter)

mophie S3

Thanks to its beefy 2,100mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy S III is well capable of lasting through a day of heavy usage. However, we are sure that for some folks out there, that still isn't enough juice. These are the kind of people that may be interested in the Samsung Galaxy S III extended battery case, which Mophie is already shipping.


The Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S III holds a rechargeable cell that doubles the smartphone's battery life. When full, it provides 32 extra hours of audio, 8 extra hours of video playback, or 9 extra hours of web browsing, all the while protecting the device from accidental cracks and scratches. In addition, Mophie's battery case gets along well with NFC, so S Beam will still work even with the accessory in place.



S3 mini UK

Today, Samsung announced that the Galaxy S III mini will be available in the UK by November,8th at all retailers, Also UK carriers will get it too later that month.


S3 mini specs

Samsung Galaxy S III mini Specifications


The S III mini will be available both on contract and SIM-free. CarphoneWarehouse is listing the S III mini with a price of £299.95, while UK retailer, Phones4U, offers the device for free with monthly plans starting from £25 and up.





Samsung is working hard to improve its latest Android flag-ship, Galaxy S III, the device already got the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean rolling-out for more users worldwide everyday. Latest Reports suggest that Samsung is working on a New Android build for the Galaxy S III, this time its a minor update to Jelly bean 4.1.2 but with a Huge New feature.


Galaxy S III multi-view

The Galaxy S III 4.1.2 Update will include "Muti-window" mode, the same as we saw on the Galaxy Note II (video below). With this feature, the user can divide the smartphone screen into two pieces and select 2 apps to be showed at the same time. For example, you can follow your Tweets and check your Facebook at the same time... isn't it just AMAZING!

The 4.1.2 JB update is claimed to be coming by December 2012, which is pretty close, So don't be angry if Samsung delayed it a month or 2 but we really hope it gets released before 2013.


Video, via

iPhone user

Samsung has released three new commercials for its flagship Samsung Galaxy S III. Only one takes a shot at the Apple iPhone. That commercial shows a guy and girl on a bus bench, both battling each other in some type of zombie-related game.

When he loses, the guy starts complaining about the size of the screen on his Apple iPhone compared to Samsung Galaxy S III. An old lady sitting beside them told the guy "You like to whine". Did Samsung just called all Apple iPhone users whiny losers through this ad ?



Galaxy S III multi-view


Samsung GALAXY Note II has a very useful feature called "Muti-view", that allows you to run 2 different Apps side by side on the screen without switching between them.


Latest info suggest that Galaxy S III will get the Multi-view feature too. The feature will be included on a firmware that is currently under development Build I9300XXE with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on board.


This Galaxy S III firmware is said to be coming by December which is only 2 months away.



Jelly Bean 4.1.1


Sprint's Galayx S III is now receiving the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update to Galaxy S III as we speak. The update is availalbe OTA (Over the air) to all Sprint Galaxy S III users.


Galaxy S III Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Change-log

Sprint Galaxy S III will get Project Butter for a buttery-smooth UI, Google Now, expandable and actionable notifications in the Notification Area, the improved widget placing on any icon-ridden homescreen and lots of improvement and tweaks.



Today, Sprint became the first U.S. wireless carrier to offer the AndroidTM 4.1.1, Jelly Bean, update to its Samsung Galaxy S® III customers. The update began rolling out today and adds a host of new and enhanced TouchWiz® features, offering a faster, richer and more responsive device experience.

The update is available as an over the air update. When your Galaxy S III is eligible for the update, it will automatically download. Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to install the update. Installation will take a few minutes, and your device will be disabled during the installation process. It will be ready to use when the process is complete.

Jelly Bean offers users a smoother, faster and more fluid experience with expanded feature functionality.


Galaxy S III JB

Samsung kept her promise and released its GALAXY S III Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update to unlocked/simfree devices in the Middle-East and Arab GCC countries.



The Jelly Bean Update is Now Rolling-out to Egypt, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Turkey. The Update brings the latest TouchWiz UI with full Arabic support and Arabic type keyboard, along with Google Now Integration. Enjoy the Update and Stay tuned for more Updates, Check our Update Release Status Page Here.


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