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Google Chrome OS

Looking at Chrome OS now will show you a browser and not much else. The latest release of the platform, which just started seeding to developers, is looking to change that, though. There is a taskbar, called shelf, and an app launcher, reminiscent of Apple Launchpad.

Chrome OS

It all runs on the hardware-accelerated Aura window manager. It brings a refresh to the OS visuals and transitions. This shows a step away from simplicity and into usability, and should bring Chrome OS much closer to its rivals Windows 7/8 and OS X.

Chrome OS

The developer version of Chrome OS (build 19.0.1048.17) also brings support for new file types tar, gz, and bzip2, better support for multiple monitor setups and updates to the music and video players.


Chrome OS







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Google Indoors maps

Google indoor maps initiative ultimately will not do us any good if we cannot figure out where we are standing in the first place. With that in mind, the folks in Mountain View are taking measures to improve indoor positioning accuracy with a new app known as Google Maps Floor Plan Marker for Android. It Is important to emphasize that this app is intended only for those that have provided the company with floor plans for an indoor venue. Google flatly states that the software will primarily be of interest "to map enthusiasts and venue owners," and hopefully that disclaimer will be enough to ward off erroneous downloads.



Those that have taken part in the program will now have the opportunity to survey those corresponding indoor environments and help fine tune Google geolocation abilities for a particular space.

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Project Glass


We first heard rumors about Google augmented reality Glasses a few months ago, and now in a post on Google Plus, the company revealed "Project Glass" along with some early concepts and prototype designs. These specs look like the freaky science fiction concept they are.


Watch The Video Below first and get back Here.... The Video will show you what the world would look like from behind these smart glasses. It is like Iron Man except instead of important world-saving information you are answering your friend text messages and learning about delays on the subway. The Google [x] team that is working on the project says they have opened it up to the public to solicit ideas about what people actually want from a set of augmented reality specs.



Project Glass



Google Glasses basically seem like a smartphone notification system that allows you to respond to notifications in with your voice in a very beautiful geeky shape-glasses, Without any info about its specs or how its connectivity work... is it Wifi, 3G with a nano-sim or using your android phone connection to get notifications and video calls (like you saw in the Video below), but the problem is how the people will react for this product when its released ? and What will be the estimated price for this high-tech smart glasses.



Would you Wear these Glasses ?

Answer in the comments section below.

Gmail Tap

Updated with a link to the real Application!


Tap into the future of productivity with Gmail Tap for Android. Double your typing speed with this revolutionary new keyboard. Google this APRIL, introduce the New Gmail Tapping using Morse code with only ( . , - ) without the QWERTY keyborad and all its buttons.


Gmail Tap


  • Two keys: dot and dash
  • Space bar: added to increase typing speeds
  • Multi-email mode: dual threaded keyboard (Warning: power users only)
  • Predictive text mode: autocomplete re-imagined
  • Optional audio feedback: engage all your senses
  • Gmail Tap is a binary language that only uses two characters dots "." and dashes "-", making it easy to learn:

Gmail Tap


Coming Soon Features:


  • Ship to shore mode: activates your phone's flash to communicate with other power users across an ocean (of people)
  • Table tap: microphone enabled off screen tapping
  • Double-black diamond mode: adds a third, fourth and more keyboards for writing up to 8 messages at once

How to Tap ?


Morse Code

Gmail Tap

Gmail Tap Info



BTW, It is a Real App!

Morse Keyboard

Morse Code Keyboard [Google Play]


*Happy April Fools' Day Guys!*



Google Drive Website

Google long awaited file-synchronization service Google Drive set to launch on Mid-April, details are already start showing up what it will provide for Google users.


A leaked screenshot has confirmed that the new service will feature a whopping 5GB of free storage for everyone. This is significantly more than the highly popular Dropbox service, which offers 2GB by default.

Google Drive Logo

Once launched, Google drive will let you sync files between Desktop, Mobile or Tablet interfaces, as well as online via

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Google Drive

Google Drive is the Upcoming Cloud-Storage service from Google. It was first appeared on 2007, Google was planning to launch a cloud storage system named "Drive" that would basically be like Dropbox before it even exists . Then Google decided to kill the product despite it being almost finished. They had decided that their push toward cloud computing was best served by trying to move people past the idea of local files, to a usage model where all of your data is simply there in the cloud.

Google Drive

We knew the product was being tested it is already been seen by people for whom the service had accidentally been switched on. According to sources speaking to GigaOM the launch of Google Drive is now very close, the launch date is expected to be sometime next week. GDrive will come with a native client for easy syncing and uploading of your files. Google will reportedly be giving everyone 1 GB or more of free storage, with options to purchase more space.

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Following the unification of all its digital content stores under the name Google Play, Google has taken the next step in its quest to become one of the primary purveyors of downloadable media online, by integrating Play with its homepage.

Visitors to, or one of its localized variants, will already be familiar with the black navigation bar running along the top of the screen, which contains links to other Google features such as Gmail, Images and Documents.

Google Toolbar

Some Google users may also have noticed other subtle changes made to the bar recently, such as the Videos link being altered to the more brand-friendly YouTube. Some changes depend on your Google settings though, as the location of Documents and Calendar sometimes shifts around depending on your own personal use, especially if you use iGoogle.

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Google Nexus S

Reports we just got confirm that Google will release the ICS 4.0.3 Update to the Nexus S CDMA, this time its for real and No More delays. The Update should be available in the Upcoming few weeks, Engadget also confirmed that info.

If you own a CDMA version of the Nexus from Samsung, then you probably are all too familiar with the pain of knowing that there is many phones out there that is identical to yours and have the ICS update, but yours is not because its a CDMA version, Don't worry... Google is working on it.

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Google is slowly but surely trying to build up Google Play, a full content ecosystem to compete with the likes of Apple iTunes and Amazon store. The search giant has added books, movies, and music to its content repertoire, and according to a rumor posted on the unofficial Google news site Google Operating System, Google may soon add audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers to the mix. TechCrunch adds that Google might add TV shows to its video service, citing Google recent snatching up of domains related to Google Play, which included

These features are already available on both iTunes and Amazon, and adding this content to the Google Play store will help Google better compete in the content world. With approximately 50% of smartphone users owning devices that run Google Android operating system, there is certainly a wealth of potential customers to draw from. Since these individuals are already tied into Google ecosystem, Google has a strong advantage in wooing customers into its service.

Download Google Play [.APK]

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Google Play

Google has just launched "Google Play", Google Play is a re-branding of Google various stores under the name Google Play, since all of the content could already be found in the same integrated store already. Starting today, Android Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore will become part of Google Play.

Google Play

With Google Play you can:

  • Store up to 20,000 songs for free and buy millions of new tracks
  • Download more than 450,000 Android apps and games
  • Browse the world's largest selection of eBooks
  • Rent thousands of your favorite movies, including new releases and HD titles

Google Play Market

The services themselves do not seem to be changing at all, it is really more of a destination change to make it easier for users to find the Google media stores rather than having to go through other products. This means that your old bookmarks for the Android Market Web store will automatically be routed to the new Google Play address, although the Market itself still looks the same with sections for Apps, Music, Books, and Video. Similarly, the Google Music website has been pulled under the Play subdomain. The changes should be rolling out to Android 2.2+ devices "over the coming days".

As part of the re-branding, Google is also offering a new album, book, video, and Android app at a special price for each of the next 7 days. Although, the Google Music and Books stores have already been pretty rife with sales, so you may not really notice any difference.

Google Play

Go To Google Play

Watch The Video Below!

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