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Santa Tracker


Google has decided to take on the decades-old Santa tracking service that NORAD offers with its own "Google Santa Tracker" App and website, It comes in the wake NORAD booting Google out as a partner in favor of Microsoft.


santa tracker

Google unveiled its own Google Santa Tracker service, Right now, the site features a countdown clock, which will change to ways to follow Father Christmas on Google Maps & Google Earth through the site beginning 2am PT on Christmas Eve.


santa racker


The website also provide access to a service Here that lets Santa send a holiday message like Christmas, you can send the message by a Phone call (Santa's voice), by Email or as a Google+ personal post. Download the Android App below to track Santa!



Santa tracker


Google Santa Tracker App [Play Store]




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Android flipboard


Flipboard has just launched an Android tablets-compatible version, Finally... it's no longer exclusive for the Apple iPad.



The Flipboard App on Google Play store update to support all Android tablets with all sizes and screen resolutions, even the Nexus 10 with its high-res display it also supported. Head to the link below for Free download.

flipboard Download

Flipboard [Google Play]




For those of you who love Tumblr, you may want to check out the New Android app, because it has been updated to add tablet support.

Unfortunately, the update doesn't bring anything more than that, but the tablet support is pretty nice, because it updates the UI to really make use of the screen real estate on a tablet as best it can. The update does also add a new design for the "Following" section, which is a very important because that is one of the main portals for Tumblr users.



Tumblr [Play store]



Rovio just Updated the Angry Birds Rio, the game was launched on March,2011 as a promotion for the animation Movie "Rio".

The latest update for the game brings 24 new levels, but to obtain them, they must be earned by the player. You need to collect starts to earn 18 special star levels, and collect feathers to receive 6 Mighty Eagle levels. The game is availalbe for FREE on the Google Play store (link below).


angry birds download


Angry Birds Rio [Play]


Play Books


Google Play Books for Android just got a smaller update that could be pretty nice for some users. The changelog on the update is a bit strange though. Google Play Books has had the option to read books aloud for a while now, but that is listed as a new feature here. The real new feature though is having the option for "High-quality voice" when using the read aloud feature.

The trouble with the read aloud feature is that the only option for it is to have it automatically start reading aloud if you have accessibility turned on. It would be much nicer if there were simply a toggle to have it start reading aloud whenever you want.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books


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