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The Holiday season deals hits the Google Play Store, Everyday Google Play store will have a Daily SURPRISE promotion on a specific App... Counting down till the New Year. These Special Promotions will be on apps, music, books, movies, and TV.


google Play


Today kicks off the deals with the Hotel Tonight app. It's a solid app that is similar to Priceline's hotel deal finder, but it is specifically geared towards finding you a great price on a hotel room for tonight. The idea is that hotels have unsold rooms, and drop the price, sometimes considerably, at around noon each day for rooms that night. Hotel Tonight aggregates those deals to help you out. 


Promotions Page Here


And, the special deal is that you can get an extra $35 off your first stay using the app if you download it today and use Google's offer code.




google calender android

If you happen to have an Android smartphone running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 or later, You probably using the Google Calender App to makes things a little easier. Google has update its calender App, Now you can make a phone call directly from the notification screen, or look up the location to an event if a reminder includes an address.



If you are in the month view on the calendar, you can long press on a time and date to enter an event. Google will fill in some of the blanks based on past history. The update is in the Google Play Store and it's free, just waiting for you to install it. It is not an earth shattering update, but it does make life a little easier for Android users.



Android users was always complaining from the Facebook App. Now, Facebook 2.0 is live on the Google Play Store. It's twice as fast as the old app in the timeline & News feed loading speed.


facebook 2.0

We've tried it, and it really is a slick upgrade. Everything about the app is faster: navigation, scrolling, links, pictures. Everything is fast and smooth, and of course even the app itself launches faster than before. No feature updates with this version, but even so it feels like a new app.



Download Facebook 2.0

Download Facebook 2.0 [Play Store]



Google Play 3.10.10


Google has just pushed out an Update to the Google Play Store App for all Android smartphones with version 3.10.10. This Update has some minor changes including some tweaks to the In-App billing, authentication code at the checkout and some reported bug fixes. Anyway, it's good to stay updated.


play store 3.10.10


If you didn't get the update, You can Download The Official Google Play Store 3.10.10 APK from the link below, All you need to do is to copy it to your android smartphone and Open it, then install it. Require Android 2.2 or later.


Download Google Play 3.9.17

Google Play 3.10.10 [APK]



File name is


Deep sleep battery saver


The Deep Sleep Battery Saver App is out in Google Play today, and its creators want to think it is the most versatile battery preserving application out there. The app keeps your device in deep sleep mode most of the time when not in use, thus sipping on that battery juice as little as possible.


battery saver


In this regime most everything is off, including 3G and background apps, so your handset only maintains connection to the most frugal network bands, and wakes up rarely to accept some push notifications, then slumbers back, as you can see in the concept algorithm below drawn by the developers.


battery saver


During deepsleep mode, Wifi, 3G are turned off, background apps are stopped. Therefore, most apps are not working, including Facebook, Google Service, etc,. It then constantly wakes up in order to download email, sync Facebook status, etc,. It's defined by deepsleep frequency and woke up duration.


Deep Sleep Battery Saver

Deep Sleep Battery Saver [Play]



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