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You probably heard about Microsoft's cloud sharing platform "SkyDrive" which got major updates in the last couple months and now it gets even better. Microsoft aadded some HTML5 features to optimize the user experience on touch devices and added drag-and-drop support too.



The new implementations are enabled by HTML5, so you know they'll be future-proof for a wide range of browsers. SkyDrive allows you to share content across a wide variety of platforms, such as social networks and email in addition to generating a direct link. Now, the sharing interface is generated on a single screen, so you can choose how to share a file and with whom from one place.


Xbox 720


It's time to upgrade the Xbox 360 to something New, Xbox Live's head Larry Hyrb aka "Major Nelson", posted a countdown on its blog to E3 2013. It counts the days until June,11th this year which may be the launch day of Microsoft Xbox 720 console.


count down xbox 720

There is one more thing unlike most past shows, this upcoming one isn't expected to bring some hot sequels or smashing new IPs to Xbox 360. Halo 4 is out, Gears of War and Mass Effect Trilogies are over, and there are just few announced games that seems to deserve the gamers' attention. Oh, and none of them is an Xbox 360 exclusive. A new Xbox should definitely be on the cards then.



Microsoft Project



Today, Microsoft filed a patent for an Application Smart Glasses that is very similar to the idea of the Google Project Glass.

The big difference between Google's approach and Microsoft's is that Google's Project Glass is intended to be something you wear all day long, while moving around the world to get information about things that are nearby, receive notifications, communication, get directions, and more. Microsoft is designing it's product to be something that is worn at live events like concerts and sports games. Microsoft's glasses will beam text and audio overlays relating to what you're watching.






After launching the Surface tablet, Microsoft is willing to enter the handheld gaming market. The company is now said to be building a 7-inch gaming tablet named the Xbox Surface. Moreover, the hardware is in its final stages, and specs should concur with earlier leaks from June.


XBox surface


Microsoft has developed a secret hardware production process for its Surface tablets that is separated from partners that traditionally manufacturer the company's Xbox console. We're told that the Xbox Surface will likely be manufactured in the same factory, but that any future "Xbox 720" console will be manufactured in mass quantities by companies like Pegatron or Foxconn.


Also, we've just got this leaked document shows the Xbox surface tablet Hardware Specifications, Looks like Microsoft want to lead the windows tablet market.


XBox surface



Xbox SmartGlass

SmartGlass was announced by Microsoft during their keynote this past summer at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) with an open ended release date of "this fall."


In the video below, we see a Samsugn ATIV S and a Windows 8 tablet in action interacting with the Xbox 360 and each other in sharing an internet browsing experience and media as well.


Xbox SmartGlass

Many of the features may seem familiar overall, but the integration with the SmartGlass app is pretty smooth. Microsoft's products appear ready to deliver with SmartGlass, which is a unified and seamless experience across platforms which allow us to control media and content across all our devices with no headaches. Based on the video presentation below, if it lives up to this billing, then it is safe to say this is a winner all-around. This is different from the Nintendo Wii U which serves as a controller.



Halo 4 6th,November

Microsoft and 343 Industries released the Halo 4 launch trailer today as the Game official launch is only few weeks ahead. 
Halo 4 will once again give us control over Master Chief and we'll have to fight an ancient threat. The game launches on November,6 but only on Xbox 360.

The video features live-action of the gameplay itself, Enjoy!




Microsoft google

Early this month, Microsoft reported to file a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility to the German's court, in order to get the company paying royalty for infringing a patent on covers the use of data points from two different sources and overlaying them on top of each other. Other Android manufacturers like Samsung and HTC pay Microsoft to use the patent. Microsoft made $792 million in the second quarter from royalty fees paid by Android manufacturers only.

Now Microsoft will add Google to the lawsuit file, Making the case against Google because Motorola Mobility has said that data important to the case belongs with its parent company. Google said that it will defend itself against any complaint that Microsoft files in court.



"It became necessary to add Google to this particular case because Motorola maintains that it lacks sufficient information about actions occurring on Google's servers." - Microsoft spokesman




Office 2013


Microsoft has confirmed the Office 2013 suite as well as the Office 365 Home Premium and Small Business Premium services. Prices has been revealed too.

The subscription-based Office 365 Home Premium will give 5 people access to the full Office 365 features via their individual accounts. For the privilege they will have to fork out $99.99 a year.


Office 2013

Office 365 Small Business Premium gives organizations of 1 to 10 people the same access with each employee getting to use 5 PCs. The service will set businesses back $149.99 annually, which makes $12.50/month.




New Microsoft Logo 2012

Microsoft has just Officially unveils its NEW look, starting with changing its NEW logo for 2012, Yes... Microsoft changed its logo as a part of moving towards its Modern UI for Windows 8.


Microsoft logo


The New logo is still have the Windows' 4-squares logo but in a new shape and also "Microsoft" has a New Type font too.


Watch Video


Microsoft launched its New E-mail service back in june, replacing/re-branding the old Hotmail service. The New email service has the new Windows 8 Modern UI (aka Metro UI) and it allows users to register email on domain.


outlook 2013

Today, Microsoft Official blog announced that users has reached 10 Million user, which is a great number in 2 Months only.






Acer has renewed its commitment to Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets, with chairman JT Wang saying that the company's criticisms of Microsoft's Surface don't mean it is ditching its Windows slate plans. The company made headlines after criticizing Microsoft's own-brand hardware, arguing that the tablets would "create a huge negative impact" to the Windows ecosystem. Now, DigiTimes reports the Acer CEO Wang has tempered his comments, though still believes that Surface will do more harm than good.

The Microsoft slates one of which will run Windows RT, the other Windows 8 will be more negative overall than positive, Wang says, but Acer still intends to launch its own products running the new OS. In fact, Wang claims to be "the most optimistic CEO" about Windows, claiming that the company's concerns were around understanding "the new rules of the game".

Microsoft, he said, was now considering possible differentiation strategies to minimize any possible impact on OEM partners, including introducing an artificial price gap. Still, it sound like Acer's expectations of Surface are somewhat skewed in the first place; Wang supposedly claimed that the major damage would be done if Microsoft priced the entry-level tablet at $199 thus directly competing with the Nexus 7, a figure which would be very unlikely. If Surface was $499-599, however, Wang sees less of an issue.




Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft popular Email service "Hotmail" is now officially called "Outlook". The New website for the service is, it changes the design and layout of Hotmail to bring it more in line with the minimalist design aesthetic of Windows 8 Metro, emphasizing straight lines, thin fonts and white space.



Microsoft New

Don't worry, If you have a Hotmail Plus account, that still works with Outlook Plus, and you won't see any ads, ever. The right side is blank in your regular view, and when you click on a newsletter, you'll simply see the option to search for the sender on Bing.


Outlook 2013


With no message selected, the only "action" item available is to compose a new message. Also note the text ads to the right of the Inbox.



Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Surface tablet has just been Officially announced, but Microsoft didn't reveal the internal specifications of the tablet yet.

However, NVIDIA was quick to acknowledge that the Windows RT Microsoft Surface tablet will sport a Tegra processor, probably the Quad-core Tegra 3 with 4-PLUS-1 architechture. One possibility is that the chip will be implemented using the NVIDIA KAI platform, which promises fluid performance at a competitive price point.


Nvidia Tegra

Having a Tegra 3+ setup in the ARM-based Microsoft Surface tablet does not seem impossible either, although we are not quite sure whether this platform would be a good match for the device.



Xbox 720

E3 event just ended last week, and as expected Microsoft provided absolutely no details about the Next-Ge Xbox product line. However, there are some new supposedly leaked details that shed insight to what the company is working on behind-the-scenes. Based on what has been presented as a confidential series of concept art, it looks like Kinect isn't going away.

xbox 720

In fact, it appears to be one of the major points of the Xbox 720. If these leaks are to be believed, the new console will have "Kinect v2" built directly into the console, so there will be no need for an extra peripheral. Among the enhancements referenced are the ability to track four players simultaneously, stronger integration with other devices like the PC and Windows Phone 8, and just all-around more powerful performance.

Xbox 720

Another interesting thing mentioned in the leak is a project Microsoft is reportedly working on, called Kinect Glasses, which has hints of Google's Project Glass in it. Few solid details are laid out, but it looks like they'll both enhance your core experience with the Xbox 720, and can be used on-the-go as well. And the biggest piece of information from this alleged document - the console will launch at a nice price point of $299.


Windows 7

Just days after Microsoft launched the Release Candidate of Windows 8, the company proudly announced another great achievement Windows 7 has been sold in more than 600 million copies. Steven Guggenheimer, CVP of the OEM team at Microsoft made the announcement at Computex adding that more than 75 million licenses were sold in the past four months alone.


Windows 7


Microsoft also has a treat for those who purchase a system with Windows 7 installed from June 2 onward and will offer an upgrade to Windows 8 for just 15$.

Xbox 720

Microsoft next-generation machine code-named "Durango". That name was partially verified on Feb,28 but its market Name is rumored to be "Xbox 720", when a senior technical artist at Crytek tweeted that he was "enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks." He then deleted the tweet and his account. In meetings, Microsoft reportedly showed details of the new console hardware.



Now Xbox World magazine is reporting that development kits for the new console were shipped to developers in March. Those kits include an IBM PowerPC central processing unit (CPU) with 16 cores, compared to just three cores on the Xbox 360 CPU. The graphics chip is equivalent to an Advanced Micro Devices AMD Radeon HD 7000-series graphics card, and the machine has a Blu-ray optical drive. The report mentioned that Kinect 2 will chow up as many as four cores tracking multiple players.

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Windows users can now enjoy the benefits of high quality video, granted they have a webcam capable of recording HD video, as well as a fast enough internet connection.

This update also finally sees the integration of group screen share, which enables sharing your screen in conference calls, rather than with just one person at a time. Group screen share is currently only available to Skype Premium members, however.

Features and improvements of Skype 5.8 for Windows are:

  • Full HD video-calling
  • Support for Facebook audio and video-calling (beta)
  • Group screen sharing
  • Hide offline Facebook contacts
  • Push to Talk
  • Skype updater service
  • Bing Toolbar integration

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Microsoft is testing prototypes of Kinect-enabled notebooks using motion-sensing as an interface forWindows 8, it is been revealed, ahead of what are believed to be plans to license the technology to laptop vendors.

Specially modified ASUS netbooks are being used to demonstrate the system, which builds on Microsoft freshly-announced Kinect for Windows hardwareThe Daily reports the ultraportables replace the single webcam above the screen with a row of sensors that can track movement.

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Windows 8

Android app virtualization specialists BlueStacks have announced a version of its cross-platform software support for Windows 8, adding titles created for Android phones and tablets to the Metro UI of Microsoft upcoming OS.

The new version of BlueStacks App Player software will come preloaded on some new Windows 8 PCs later in the year, the company has confirmed.

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Microsoft has released two new apps for the iOS platform, Microsoft Lync 2010 for iPhone and Lync 2010 for iPad, targeted at enterprise users with an Apple gadget in their pocket or bag. Both free downloads though requiring a Lync Server or Office365/Lync Online account in order to actually function the two apps offer instant messaging, audio conferencing and VoIP calls while on the move.

Real-time availability updates are given, as well as single-touch Lync conference call participation to avoid having to punch in lengthy passcodes. There is also transport layer security (TLS) and perimeter/internal network protection, neither of which demand a VPN, for increased data security.


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Microsoft is believed to have replaced the design architect responsible for the Xbox 360 user-experience Dan Coyner the general manager of Design and Planning within the Xbox team, has been replaced with Emma Williams, who led this month Xbox dashboard update.

Williams will now lead design on the next-gen Xbox, tongue-in-cheek referred to as the "Xbox 720", which a source in the team has confirmed is on the roadmap for a 2013 release as per earlier rumors. Microsoft is working on two new consoles, one hardcore gaming flagship and a second, slimmed-down model with a focus on casual gaming and multimedia use.



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After One Note, Microsoft is now releasing an official SkyDrive app for iOS and their own Windows Phone. but No Android version AGAIN!





You have the ability to view all your files and folders saved on your SkyDrive account, create more folders, delete them or upload files from your device to them. You can also share the files or folders with others, whereby it mails a link to the file or folder to your recipient and you can choose whether the viewer can just view it or edit it as well.


WP7 Demo Below!


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Microsoft has announced plans to automatically upgrade older versions of Internet Explorer, such as the much-maligned IE6, from January 2012. The decision is intended to bring Windows XP, Vista and 7 users up to date with safer, more efficient versions of the browser, though Microsoft is keen to point out that nobody will be forced to upgrade if they don’t actually want to.

Previous arguments for keeping IE6 and other earlier releases of the browser have been generally related to enterprise browser-based tools not updated for newer iterations. Microsoft is respecting that, and says that not only will its existing IE8 and IE9 Automatic Update Blocker toolkits stop new versions from being installed, but anybody who has declined an update through Windows Update will also be left alone.


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Microsoft 5000

Microsoft has outed a new keyboard, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000, targeted at mobile professionals hoping to do some serious text-entry on their iOS, Android or Windows tablets. On sale later this month, the wireless peripheral offers the hardware division familiar Comfort Curve design along with low-profile keys and a few helpful shortcuts such as volume.


Microsoft 5000

Power is from three AAA batteries Microsoft even throws in a set with the keyboard itself. The Mobile Keyboard 5000 is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 machines, as well as iOS 4.2.1, 4.3.1, and 4.3 devices whether iPad or iPhone. It will also play nicely with Android 2.2, Android 3.0 and Android 3.1 phones and tablets. Cost is only 49.99 USD !!



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Microsoft has officially unveiled, and contrary to Facebook-challenger expectations it is a hybrid system pulling together social networking and search and targeted at students. Found at, the new tool allows "montages of visual web content" including photos, video and text to be constructed and shared for collaborative editing and discussion, as well as video parties for real-time conversation.



Students are expected to build communities with similar research goals, and Microsoft is targeting those on social media courses who may lack the collaborative tools that other disciplines have. " might even give students the ability to create their own social tool" Microsoft suggests, "customized for their own community."


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Windows phone


The folks at Microsoft appear to be taking several opportunities to give away Windows Phone devices on Twitter with a clever usage of the hashtag term #droidrage thus far the response has been a mixed bag of respondents having real problems and a gigantic collection of obvious user errors gone wild.

Taking the opportunity to gather in those Android users who are not able to fix problems on their own into the Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone Mango fold is Microsoft latest tactic in showing off how simple the platform can be what we will be waiting for here is the response from the people who though they were not able to figure out how to use an Android phone were then able to use a Windows Phone without a hitch.



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Xbox Mobile apps


Microsoft began rolling out the latest dashboard update for Xbox 360 consoles everywhere yesterday, bringing a new look and a number of new features to the platform.

As well as the metro-style UI, Kinect support for controlling the dash and voice search powered by Bing, the update coincides with simultaneous launches of companion apps for both iOS and Windows Phone.

My Xbox LIVE

My Xbox LIVE centers around control of your Xbox profile with support for Xbox Live messaging. The app also gives you access to your community of friends and the achievement browser. What really impressed us, though, is the way the Metro UI-styled application fits into iOS without looking like it is artificially stitched onto Apple platform. This is probably partly due to the immersive full screen interface, but is definitely something you would notice.


Xbox companion

The Xbox Companion for WP7 is much richer in functionality and that's understandable as Microsoft wants to keep some of the flare for its own platform. Basically, the app turns your Windows Phone handset almost into another Xbox remote control allowing you to navigate in the dashboard and inside applications, launch games, control media playback, and search with Bing. The app works via Wi-Fi and cellular data, and if you have a solid connection the experience promises to be really smooth.


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gsmarena 004 Xbox 360 getting a Metro UI styled dashboard tomorrow


The Xbox 360 fall update is coming tomorrow and it will bring tons of new stuff. But the first and most important change is the complete interface overhaul. Microsoft has put the Metro UI in charge.



gsmarena 002 Xbox 360 getting a Metro UI styled dashboard tomorrow

The first new feature of the upcoming Xbox 360 firmware update is the Metro-styled dashboard. There is one horizontal bar at the top with different categories, each of them using Metro interface with live tiles. That way we have much more content showing on the screen and the sub-menus are almost extinct.



Xbox Metro


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Windows 8


Sources from Microsoft has informed us that the public Windows 8 beta will be released in late February of 2012.

The timing of the public beta launch has been the subject of much debate in the technology community. It is expected that Windows 8 will be released in 2012, but the exact expected date for the completion and shipping of the forthcoming operating system remains undisclosed.

Microsoft estimating that Windows 8 should be released to manufacturers (RTM) in June. Given the newly known late February planned beta release, our estimate remains possible, if perhaps a bit optimistic.


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Samsung has put the second-gen Microsoft Surface SUR40 up for pre-order, with 23 countries including the US and much of Europe getting the chance to pick up the slimmed-down multitouch worksurface. Targeted at retail, healthcare, education and hospitality, the Windows 7 based table has a Full HD 1080p 40-inch display covered with a sheet of toughened Gorilla Glass.


Less bulky than the first-gen model, the SUR40 can track 50 points of simultaneous touch, including fingers, hands and objects unlike in the first-gen Surface, with used a camera-based tracking system in the base of the table, this new model "PixelSense" system has individual cameras embedded in the pixels themselves. Keeping things running is an AMD Athlon II X2 2.9GHz Dual-Core Processor paired with an AMD HD6750M GPU.



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After Adobe announced their plans to stop developing Flash Player for mobile devices, we are now hearing that Microsoft plans to do the same with their own proprietary plugin, Silverlight. Microsoft Silverlight never really managed to gain the same amount of popularity among web developers.


But now it seems that will not be an issue for long. Microsoft is on the verge of announcing the next version of Silverlight, with the beta version already having been released back in September. But this will probably be the last version of Silverlight.


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There is doubt that Microsoft would be working on the next generation of its gaming consoles the Xbox. The current Xbox 360 has been around for a very long time now and is due for a replacement. Other console markers are set to launch next generation consoles soon. We have previously heard the rumor that the Xbox 720 will be unveiled at Q3 2013.

But this still unconfirmed by Microsoft. A new rumor is swirling today that claims the codename for the next generation Xbox console is Loop. According to the rumors, the Loop will pack a custom ARM-based processor that is a modded Win9 core. The processor is supposed to have assistant cores as well for graphics, AI, physics, sound, encryption and other core services.

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The Microsoft Kinect has anounced some very interesting uses that are not at all what most of us first envisioned when the controller landed for the Xbox 360 and gamers. Microsoft would be offering a SDK for businesses to make apps that would use Kinect for things in the business world.

The Kinect for Windows SDK has now hit beta 2 and you can download it right now to play with. The SDK still supports the Kinect on machines running Windows 7. It offers APIs for raw sensor streams and human motion tracking. The SDK allows devs using C++, C#, and Visual Basic via Visual Studio 2012 to access the capabilities of the Kinect.


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firefox with bing


Microsoft has announced a special version of the popular Firefox browser that comes with the Bing search engine. As you might guess, this version of Firefox changes the default search engine and homepage from Google to Bing.

For Mozilla, this will serve as another form of revenue. For Microsoft, this move will help boost the user base for Bing. With two of the world most popular web browsers using Bing as their default search engines, this could help accelerate Microsoft plans to take over Google as the most popular search engine.

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Microsoft 8.5 billion USD acquisition of Skype has finally been closed, the company recently announced. The plan is for Skype to become a new business unit within Microsoft, with Skype CEO Tony Bates becoming the president of the newly created Skype division. Users should expect for Microsoft to integrate Skype into a variety of its products, including mobile.


The Official Skype blog Posted :

"Joining forces with Microsoft is the best way to accelerate this mission and capitalize on our position at the intersection of social, mobile and video communications. Simply put, we want to transform communications. Microsoft is committed to the ubiquity of the Skype experience communication across every device and every platform will remain a primary focus. And we have only scratched the surface."


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Xbox 360 Metro


We have seen screenshots of the redesigned Xbox 360 dashboard before that uses the slick new Metro UI but now a video has leaked that gives us a nice little tour of the interface and all the various menu options that we can expect to see when the update is released this fall.

The video is low resolution and a bit blurry. Moreover there is no audio and the text is all in French so its basically like watching a French movie with no audio and subtitles. You still get a good look at the UI, including the new Bing search bar. Unfortunately, there is no web browser built-in and you are limited to searching content for Xbox. Everything else seems the same as what we have now, just in a different looking interface.


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gsmarena 001 Thunderbolt support announced for Wintel platform, should be here in 2012


Apples implementation of Intel Light Peak technology is going places. Intel has now announced that they will be bringing the technology to Windows-based computers as well, with companies like ASUS and Acer joining the bandwagon and getting their products ready for a 2012 launch.

Being the same essential technology, Thunderbolt on these other devices will work the same way as it does on the new range of Mac computers. It will have the same specifications and features that Apple touts for its new range of Macs and will work with the same set of accessories.


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Nokia Microsoft


Today, Nokia and Microsoft announced that they would deliver Symbian software updates called Microsoft Apps. These updates will add some serious business productivity tools for anyone buying a new Symbian Belle device, as well as anybody looking to upgrade from Symbian Anna to Symbian Belle. Read on to find out exactly what’s coming, and when.

If you are into downloading apps that wil increase your productivity and we know you all are you will be happy to hear that during the fourth quarter of this year you will be able to start up the Software Update app from within your phone and find the following free apps:

  • Microsoft® Lync™ 2010 Mobile – for cost efficient IM, presence, audio and web meetings on-the-go.
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® Broadcast – quick broadcast of presentations directly from PC to mobile.
  • Microsoft® OneNote™ – rich note taking with images. Syncs with Microsoft® SkyDrive®.
  • Microsoft® Document Connection – single view to documents stored on mobile, including email attachments as well as documents on Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 sites.

A second update in early 2012 will add:

  • Microsoft OneNote sync with SharePoint (in addition to SkyDrive)
  • Adding Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as native applications for the first time outside the Windows platform.


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Microsoft tablet strategy has always been Windows but previous computer slates it has shown off had Windows 7 on it and this did not fit the form factor because that operating system was never built with tablets in mind. That should change with Windows 8 , as the building Windows 8 blog constantly says that this version has been designed from the ground up with touch input in mind.

We have seen the Metro-style home screen before and it brings a tile-like interface to Windows 8 and elements of this can already be found in Windows Phone and on the Xbox. This is supposed to be a finger-friendly interface that will allow Windows 8 to work properly on a tablet, where touch interface is critical. But Microsoft has to please many masters with Windows, as hundreds of millions of users are familiar with the standard desktop interface and some will freak out with radical changes.

BUILD preview: Can Windows 8 tablets beat iPad?

Microsoft Steven Sinofsky addresses this in a somewhat vague way in that blog post about design: Microsoft is taking the middle road where it can still leverage its millions of traditional users, apps and APIs while still designing something that can fit nicely and work elegantly on a tablet.

Windows 8 brings together all the power and flexibility you have in your PC today with the ability to immerse yourself in a Metro style experience. You do not have to compromise! You carry one device that does everything you want and need. You can connect that device to peripherals you want to use. You can use devices designed to dock to large screen displays and other peripherals. You can use convertible devices that can be both immersive tablets and flexible laptops.

Of course, its far more difficult to execute that vision and its unclear if Microsoft is capable of doing it or if thats even the right approach.Can Windows 8 tablets compete with the iPad? When Steve Jobs first introduced the first iPhone, he made a big deal about how the OS was OSX.

As time progressed and the iPhone and iPad became tremendous hits, that association has been downplayed if not completely ignored even if there are technologically similar underpinnings. Apple iOS is now the company main platform and many of its elements went upstream with the introduction of Lion.

When Jobs talks about the Post-PC era and the iPad, he means that Apple is trying to strip out many of the frustrating elements of traditional computing to make it easy and elegant for the mainstream to use these devices to check the web, do e-mail and social networking and consume apps. The fact that the iPad has been more successful than any other tablet to date show that its on to something.

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gsmarena 001 [IFA 2011] Toshiba announces the Portege Z830 series, claims it to be the lightest 13 inch ultrabook


Toshiba has announced the Portege Z830, a new series of ultrabooks. The 13-inch model is only .63-inch thick and weighs just 2.45 pounds (1.11kg), light enough for it to earn the "lightest 13-inch ultrabook" moniker.


The Portege Z830 uses a sleek aluminum and magnesium allow case, which makes it light as well as sturdy. Also, the thin design does not come at the cost of connectivity options, as it still has two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, SD card slot and a headphone jack. You also get a large backlit keyboard with a chiclet design.


gsmarena 002 [IFA 2011] Toshiba announces the Portege Z830 series, claims it to be the lightest 13 inch ultrabook


On the hardware front the Portege Z830 offers Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3, i5 and i7 series processors, integrated graphics and an option of multiple SSD capacities. The 8-cell, 47Wh battery is said to give a battery life of up to 8 hours. No exact models and configurations were mentioned, but Lenovo said the base model will be just under the $1000 mark.


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Windows phone 7


Just when you thought the location troubles in the mobile industry were finally over, Microsoft is now facing a class action lawsuit for allegedly tracking the location of Windows Phone 7 users without their permission. Apparently, when a user decides to turn off all location services on their device, Microsoft ignores the request and proceeds to store location data.

Rebecca Cousineau, a bold Windows Phone 7 customer, claims the camera application in particular transmits the latitude and longitude coordinates of a device when in use. The lawsuit states Microsoft built the camera app specifically for this purpose, and that Microsoft falsely told Congress it does not track the location of customers once they specify not to.

Earlier this year, Apple and Google faced very similar problems over accusations that both companies were using location services for their own benefits. The stored data was supposedly being shared for marketing purposes without users ever knowing. Weeks laterApple released iOS 4.3.3, which served to relieve any security concerns. The update reduced the size of the cache, put an end to backing up the cache to iTunes, and completely deletes it when a user switches location services off in Settings.


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Over the years, Explorer and its forerunners have gone through several major iterations:

Figure 2 - File Manager in Windows 3.1 
File Manager in Windows 3.1

Figure 3 - File Explorer in Windows XP 
Explorer in Windows XP


Figure 4 - File Explorer in Windows 7 
Explorer in Windows 7

Its a bit daunting but also pretty exciting to have the opportunity to revisit and rethink this cornerstone of our product. Many of you who are reading this are among the most extreme power usersof the file management tools in Explorer and likely start from a different perspective than the broad base of customers. As we approach the work to improve file management in Windows, we do so knowing many of you have long ago given up on Explorer and are using some of the wide variety of add-ons or alternatives.


Explorer in Windows 8


Win7 vs. Win8 Explorer


Microsoft has published a very detailed post about the new Explorer in Windows 8. It brings the ribbon interface well known from the latest MS Office packages. Many of you may not like it, but wait until you hear all about it.


The Explorer in Windows 8 brings at front a lot more functions thanks to those ribbons, there are a lot more customizable settings and even some old goodies back from XP are brought once again to life.

According to Microsoft, the new Explorer has three major goals: to optimize the management tasks, to create a streamlined command experience and respect the Explorer heritage. Well, all these sound like a big advertising talk, but it’s not. Those three goals have been taken very seriously to create a better Explorer.


So, the ribbon UI. Many people still disapprove the MS Office ribbons and use older version just to avoid it. I have to admit the ribbon UI is awkward in the beginning, but then you get used to it and starts feeling natural. The new Explorer utilizes exactly the same UI.

The ribbon UI has four tabs that should concern you the most File, Home, Share and View. Clicking on File opens a sub-menu where you find some trivial functions plus Open Command Prompt Menu where you can run the CMD in the current folder as normal user or admin. Thank you, Microsoft, for listening to our requests.


The Home tab hosts almost every of the most important elements of the Explorer Copy, Paste, Cut, Properties, Delete, Rename, etc. Some old fellas return from the past too Move to and Copy to. There are also Copy Path and Paste Shortcut keys. As you can see, the Home tab should be the place for the average Explorer user.


The Share tab allows you to Email, Zip, Print, Fax, Burn to CD and Share things with just one click.


The view tab will spare you the right clicks it hosts all the viewing options from Windows 7 plus switches for navigation and preview panes, groups and columns, file name settings (hide extensions, show hidden files, etc.), Refresh and more.


All those tabs are fully customizable and all functions in there have a dedicated keyboard shortcut (also customizable).


If you think the ribbon UI is a mess, you can rearrange, add or remove items in the tabs, assign them your own shortcuts, so every tab can fit your needs. But there is more you can minimize the ribbon UI in a lot smaller line of shortcuts. It can look much like the previous Windows versions and have all this functions still available for you. This should satisfy those who are not fans on the ribbon UI.


There are additional tabs that appear at some occasions picture files, libraries, etc.



I mentioned something about panes above in the View tab. There are three of them navigation (the left one), preview and details. The preview on details are now on the right instead at the bottom (as in Windows Vista/7) and show all the available file info. This way Microsoft fully utilizes the wide aspect screens.


Have you have ever heard about the Quick Access Toolbar? It includes a few small shortcuts at the very top left corner of a window. For example the QAT in Office 2010 has Save, Undo and Redo shortcuts by default. The Explorer 8 offers the a QAT in every window. Its fully customizable too, you can add whatever you want there.


One last thing, the Up key is back.



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gsmarena 001 Skype acquires messaging service GroupMe for $85 million


Skype will buy the GroupMe messaging service in order to expand its group messaging capabilities and gain points on the mobile battleground. People close to the deal say that the chat giant will cash out the whopping $85 million although Skype itself has not yet disclosed this information officially.


GroupMe is a very young company, started in 2010 and has around twenty employees. During the course of its first year it earned around $11 million in funding from the likes of Betaworks, First Round Capital, Khosla Ventures, General Catalyst and more.


Skype CEO Tony Bates has said that he is been in talks with GroupMe for a few months, around the time Skype was in negotiations with Microsoft, which is currently acquiring Skype for $8.5 billion. He has also said that Skype will keep GroupMe as a standalone brand, located in New York City, and look for points of integration with Skype service portfolio. The ultimate goal for Skype is to get to 1 billion active users and the company believes this would be done with the mobile ecosystem, where GroupMe would be a great asset to Skype.


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This is a classic example of the saying that there is an opportunity in every loss. In this case, Microsoft is taking advantage of webOS demise by offering its developer community "free phones, dev tools, and training."

As you can see above, the words come from no other but Brandon Watson - the senior director of Windows Phone 7 development in Microsoft.


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gsmarena 001 Skype Wi Fi lets you pay for Wi Fi hotspots by the minute, get a free hour only this weekend

Here is one for frequent travelers with an iGadget Skype released an app called Skype Wi-Fi, available for all iOS 4.1+ devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

What Skype Wi-Fi does is give you access to over a million commercial Wi-Fi hotspots around the world and lets you pay for using them on the go with your Skype Credit. Its good for quick connections to the Internet at odd places, but not so much for all-day usage as you are charged by by the minute.

For example, if you have a layover a some airport and need to check your email Skype Wi-Fi is an easy solution you do not need vouchers or anything, just some Skype Credit. Prices start at $0.06/€0.05 per minute and the app clearly displays how much it costs to use the current hotspot. This weekend (20-21 August) you get an hour of Wi-Fi use for free.


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gsmarena 001 Microsoft adds native support for previewing RAW image files in Windows


Downloading Microsoft camera codec pack (16.0.0652.0621) will enable your Windows 7 or Vista OS to show RAW format pictures in Windows Explorer and Photo Gallery and it has support for about 120 DSLR cameras. This means that you will no longer get the "unknown file" icon when looking into an album of RAW format images.


The RAW photo format is like a digital negative of a photo made with a DSLR camera. It contains uncompressed data from each individual pixel of the camera sensor and in layman terms its a bigger, unprocessed version of the JPEG photo.


Its not like addons such as the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack did not enable native RAW file support before but its more comfortable to have an in-built solution straight from Windows. Microsoft has even added runabout editing features through Windows. If you want to edit a RAW photo you select the option and Windows automatically creates an editable copy of your RAW file for you to manipulate. The original is safe and you have an already edited JPEG or JPEG-XR file.


Demo Below!


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Microsoft CEO took the stage during the company Worldwide Partner Conference, which is held this week in Los Angeles, and revealed some interesting bits about the company mobile platform. Steve Ballmer admitted that Windows Phone 7 has not been particularly successful yet and in a year its market share has gone "from very small to… very small"


And while those are hardly the words Microsoft partners were hoping to hear, Ballmer remains optimistic about WP7 prospects. Expectations are that more users and developers will be drawn to the platform in the years to come and it will be able to compete with the Android and iOS behemoths.


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Surely many of you already saw the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and a lot more are eager to get their hands on the Touch Mouse thats coming next month. It seems however that Microsoft is preparing another mouse for production a hybrid between the Arc Touch and Touch models called Explorer Touch.


The Explorer Touch Mouse inherits the haptic touch scroll pad from the Arc Touch and vibrates the same way when you use the scroll. The Explorer Touch Mouse has five customizable buttons and comes with Microsoft BlueTrack technology that allows it to work on a host of different surfaces.


gsmarena 002 Still unannounced Microsoft Explorer Touch mouse emerges


The mouse seems to be quite compact and should be laptop oriented. Its expected to hit the stores at the end of July with a pricetag of £70 price


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A popular joke has it that Microsoft default browser best feature is that it allows you to download a rival browser. But the fact is that IE is still the most popular browser worldwide and one that Microsoft is dead set on pushing to all of its devices PCs, tablets and WP7 smartphones.

So the release of the second platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 should still be pretty good news. Meant mainly for developers those platform previews are hardly anything to download and use on your PC, but they are a good indication that a release is nearing. Who knows, maybe Microsoft will finally be able to arrest the fall of IE market share.

So here is what IE10 has to offer at this stage. You get support for CSS3 positioned floats as well as huge update to its HTML5 support (drag and drop, file reader API, Media Query Listeners and initial support for HTML5 forms). Microsoft says latest web technologies will be a priority for them with the next IE, along with performance.

Video Below!


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Windows Mobile


As Microsoft goes ahead all guns blazing with their new Windows Phone platform, they are starting to tear down the old Windows Mobile services. The web-based Marketplace will be put out of commission on July 15, leaving only the on-device app store functional. The My Phone back-up and sync service will be cut off on August 7, though contacts, calendar items, texts and photos will be migrated to SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. You are on your own for music, video, documents, and favourites, but you can always request that Microsoft ship you a CD with everything on it up until October 5 2012.

Windows Phone and the upcoming Mango update is offering a ton of services, including its own web-based app MarketplaceSkyDrive cloud storage, but it does not look like My Phone is returning for the sequel since its probably folded into SkyDrive. In any case, analysts are feeling optimistic about the future of Windows Phone; Microsoft is already well-entrenched in the home thanks to Windows on desktop and Xbox for the TV, plus they are roping in a bunch of smartphone manufacturers to support WP7. Microsoft is also well-poised for tablets this year through Windows 8.


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E3 starts tomorrow. Microsoft press conference starts now. If you are from the really impatient ones, we have two X360 trailers to enjoy before the official announcements. The first one has just become available and is all about the Kinect Star Wars game, that should put the Force in your hands for real.


Demo Below!


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Microsoft showed off its progress with Windows 8 at the D9 Conference as promised. A 4 minute video demonstrates how they have broken away from the interface that has been slowly evolving since Windows 1.0 and they haveve gone for something that looks a lot like Windows Phone 7The major change here is the Start screen thats right, gone is the iconic Start menu, replaced with a tile-based screen, much like the WP7 one. Instead of shortcuts, apps get a tile, which they can use to display various relevant info.


A tap on a tile will launch the full-blown app. Much of the apps Microsoft showed were written in HTML5 and JavaScript, which I supposed was dictated by the need for apps to run on both x86 (Intel, AMD) processors and ARM processors (from NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments).


Microsoft made it clear that they have showed only a part of the work they have done so far Windows 8 supports native apps that run on Windows 7. Once you start a native app, you are dropped out of the tile-based interface and into something that looks just like the Windows 7 desktop.


Its interesting how Windows 8 handles multitasking as well a swipe on the screen moves between full screen apps. A neat trick is that if you do not swipe all the way through, you can dock an app so that the screen is split between both apps and you can readjust the split later. That trick works with native and HTML5 apps though if you mix them it looks kind of unnatural.


Demo Below!


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Microsoft is aiming to limit the variety of future Windows-based tablets by enticing chip makers to work with only one device maker,three sources tell Bloomberg.

The move would allow Microsoft to have greater control over upcoming tablets running Windows 8, and it would also help avoid the problem of trying to support endless hardware variations something that has been a problem for Microsoft on the PC-side for decades. The move is not surprising since Microsoft hasalready established stiff restrictions for Windows Phone hardware.

The plan would involve chip companies like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia choosing a single computer manufacturer for Windows 8 tablets. Microsoft is not making the restriction mandatory, Bloomberg reports, but its offering incentives to chip and device makers that should tempt them towards forming "sole alliance". Potential benefits could include lower software prices and features that would make Windows work better on particular tablets, the sources say.

But while the "sole alliance" plan will certainly be good for Microsoft, many manufacturers will inevitably be left out. Already, Taiwanese manufacturers HTC, Acer and Asus are complaining about being excluded from the short list of manufacturers Microsoft is presenting to chip makers, Digitimes reports. Microsoft is instead offering up Dell, HP and Samsung as recommended manufacturers.

Microsoft will also allow chip makers to choose another manufacturer for netbook-like Windows 8 devices. The sources also made it clear that Microsoft will not be pursuing similar restrictions for the desktop version of Windows 8 on traditional PCs.


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Microsoft has chosen to "nurture" the talents of a 14-year-old boy who attempted to hack into the company online gaming network, Xbox Live, rather than slap the kid with lawsuits. The lawsuit approach to hackers is presumed to have led to Sony online game network being crippled for nearly a month.

Microsoft has clearly learned from Sony lesson, because Xbox Live competes directly with Sony PlayStation Network along with other online networks that sell games and demos like Valve’s Steam network for the PC and Mac computers. Sony lost around $171 million while the network was down for 24 days. The PlayStation Store, a critical service for Sony that lets it sell games and distribute them digitally, still remains offline.

Online hacktivist group Anonymous, which routinely takes up political causes like defending Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, brought Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) online gaming network to its knees with a distributed denial of service attack as part of "OpSony." The group attacked Sony because the company tried to prosecute George Hotz, a 21-year-old hacker who modified his PlayStation 3 to install unauthorized software a process called jailbreaking the device.

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HTC Sensation


About a year ago, Microsoft formed a patent agreement with HTC that entitled it to royalties for all HTC Android phones. Now, it appears that deal is paying off big for Microsoft.The software giant has made five times as much from HTC Android phones as it has from its newly launched Windows Phones, according to calculations by Asymco Horace Dediu.


Dediu relied on numbers from Citi analyst Walter Pritchard, who stated that Microsoft gets $5 for every HTC Android phone made. Considering that HTC has sold around 30 million Android phones, Dediu estimates Microsoft made around $150 million through its royalty agreement with the company.


Microsoft in January said that it had sold 2 million Windows Phone 7 licenses to manufacturers, and with an estimated $15 per phone licensing fee, Dediu figures that Microsoft only made $30 million from Windows Phone last year.


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According to some internal sources, Microsoft is preparing to preview its tablet-oriented Windows OS next week. As I already reported, Windows 8 will debut next year on various gadgets, including ARM-based tablets.


As the rumor has it Microsoft will preview the new Windows for tablets on a Tegra2-based device. This should happen on the conference in California next week.


Apple has sold almost 20 million iPads since its launch in April 2010 and is already working on the iPad 3. Now it is a good time for Microsoft to step in the game, otherwise it will be really hard to catch up later.


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Its no secret Microsoft is working hard on the next Windows installment for some time, but its the first time we hear something official about it. According to Steve Ballmer, Windows 8 will be optimized for "slates, tablets, PCs, a variety of different form factors". Ballmer also noted Windows 7 sold over 350 million licenses worldwide and it brought lots of improvements touch, ink and speech.


Ok, what we know so far is that Windows 8 for PCs will look much like its predecessor with a few UI changes, while the game changer should happen into the touch-based gadgets slates, tablets, etc. There is still no info on how and if Windows 8 will help the game development. I guess everyone is just too busy waiting for Duke Nukem Forever, so we will know after the impossible happens in June.


Here is another interesting extract from the Ballmer interview:

“And yet, as we look forward to the next generation of Windows systems, which will come out next year, there is a whole lot more coming. As we progress through the year, you ought to expect to hear a lot about Windows 8.”


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XBOX 360

Great NEWS  for college students!

Microsoft announced today that it will offer a free Xbox 360 with 4 gigabytes of storage (a $199 value) to any student who purchases a Windows 7 computer for $699 or more.

Its a smooth move for Microsoft, since it gets Xbox 360s into even more dorm rooms, gives students one more reason to go with a Windows PC instead of a Mac, and is a great way to get rid of its low-end Xbox 360 stock. Even better, Microsoft is allowing students to purchase any Windows 7 PC over $699 though it recommends a few specific models like the sexy Samsung Series 9 ultraportable.

Apple has offered students similar deals in the past by offering them a free iPod Touch. But by offering students a free Xbox 360, Microsoft will also ensure that it has a presence on their televisions. At this point, the Xbox 360 is more than just a game console its an entertainment centerpiece thanks to its support for Netflix, Last.FM, and Microsoft Zune Market.

Work HARD... Play HARD!

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Now you have the option to make your payments on Xbox Live by using your PayPal account. Along with adding a great dose of convenience, this new feature will also add an extra layer of security to your transactions.


Speaking of security, we have all seen what has happened to Sony PlayStation Network which was recently hacked, causing Sony to take it offline, a state it remains in currently in some countries. But if Sony follows in Microsoft footsteps and enables PayPal payment option, it could safeguard its users from further attacks on their accounts and credit card information, as users would not need to have them there any more. And considering the number of PayPal users, this move could work in everyone favor.


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Microsoft has just sealed a deal for acquiring Skype Technologies SA company. The deal is for $8.5 billion the biggest sum Microsoft has paid for an acquisition up to date. They are certainly overpaying but they desperately need to expand their online services portfolio. The rumors about this acquisition started just yesterday, but its official now.


Skype was bought by eBay in 2005, but the plans to use it to ease the communication between buyers and sellers fell apart. Today the major shareholders in Skype are a group of tech investors. It seems Microsoft has bought the remaining eBay share of 30% and all the shares from the investors group.


Skype will support Microsoft devices like Xbox and Kinect, Windows Phone and a wide array of Windows devices, and Microsoft will connect Skype users with Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live and other communities. Microsoft will continue to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms.


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You may not have heard of the Bing Maps Ortho Project but its goal is to up the ante on the digital maps scene by delivering high-resolution ground images of continental USA and Western Europe. Imagine the currently available Satellite views and imagine you could use those to zoom in even further down… Way in, actually, as the imagery is all shot from a small plane, not a satellite.

For this project Microsoft has equipped planes with specially designed 220 MP cameras and 13 PCs each. The planes were sent off to 5.8 km high in the sky to cover about 18 million square km. Do I hear those numbers crunching in your head? Yeah, the project is that optimistic and capturing those image data and importing it to Bing Maps it will cost Microsoft just about $130 million bucks.


In contrast, Google uses different sources for their aerial view of our dear planet Earth. Microsoft aims to win over the die-hard digital map enthusiast with sheer quality here. Bing Maps is becoming quite the adversary to the widely popular Google Maps and Google Earth and at the end of this project the scales might be tipped in Bing Maps direction.


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A few weeks ago I told you about some new Windows 8 screenshots illustrating the tablet-oriented Metro UI. Until now it was not clear whether we are going to see this user interface elsewhere or not. You would better like the Metro UI because it will stick around for a while.

The Outlook screenshot above is taken from the Milestone 2 version of Office 15. As you can see the Metro UI has taken over the Outlook, so I expect to see it everywhere in the Office 15. It makes sense Its already in the Windows Media Center, the Zune lineup and the Windows Phone 7.


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Microsoft is expanding StreetSide to Europe thats the Bing Maps equivalent to Google Street View. Microsoft is already mapping London and claims their service will be different from Street View in terms of privacy and scale.

Microsoft has partnered up with NAVTEQ for this project, obviously one of the advantages of the deal with Nokia. StreetSide is already available in a number of US cities but now Microsoft has set foot in Europe. They are already mapping London and moving on to other major European cities next month.

Microsoft is not collecting Wi-Fi data yet they want to avoid Google blunder with storing private data. Some Wi-Fi data will be collected at a later stage, but just the bare minimum needed to use hotspots for positioning.


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Microsoft unveiled Internet Explorer 10 they showed it off at the MIX11 developer conference, which started yesterday at Las Vegas. They did a demo, with Windows and IE10 running on an NVIDIA Tegra platform (with ARM processor).


Windows 8 IE10

The first Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 10 is available for download. Alright, the bigger the version number, the merrier I suppose, You can ask Google, they will confirm. You can grab a copy of Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview from here. I did and took it for a quick spin its far from ready but its good for a few benchmarks.

Windows 8 IE 10

The new version of Internet Explorer promises much better support for HTML5. Hardware acceleration has also been improved.


Windows 8 IE10


But of course, the biggest news is that the browser and Windows 8 itself run on ARM processors 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 in particular for the demo. By the looks of it, Microsoft ARM tablet plans are going full steam ahead.


Video Below!



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Windows 8 Tablet version


It was just yesterday we saw a bunch of Windows 8 screenshots from the latest (Milestone 3) alpha release. Today we got something even better a few shots from the tablet-oriented Immersive UI of Windows 8.


The screenshots above are taken from the Immersive browser, which implements the Metro UI, but acts as the desktop Internet Explorer 9. It was designed to work on a specific resolution, which resulted in the improper displaying.


Windows 8 Tablet version


The other app we get to see is the Modern Reader a PDF reader integrated within the Windows 8. It is an AppX application it is a new application package (.appx) platform that will be distributed via a new dedicated Windows 8 application store. Sounds familiar, By the way the AppX apps are very similar to the Windows Phone 7 application packages, which hints of the potential source of apps for the new tablet-bound Windows 8.


gsmarena 003 Another batch of Windows 8 shots leaks, this time we get to see the tablet UI


It seems Microsoft is also building bridges between its mobile and desktop operating system. I cannot wait to see what the Windows 8 will turn out in the end.



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The SP1 for Windows 7 hit the PCs around the world only recently, but Microsoft is already prepping the next Windows installment version 8. Some developers aleady have access to an alpha version (Milestone 3) and we get to see a a glimpse of it right now.

The most important visual change you’ll notice is the tabbed (ribbon) structured menu on various places. It’s similar to the Microsoft Office 2010 looks and honestly, its quite ugly.


gsmarena 002 This is how the Windows 8 might look like, you are not going to like it


I understand the ribbon interface was introduced into the Office suite to simplify its interface and eliminate the drop-down menus, but transferring it to Windows? It seems Microsoft is trying to spare us the right-click menu here and the end result is rather confusing, even a bit ugly. There is a lot of time ahead before the RTM version gets ready and I believe Microsoft will get it right in the end.


gsmarena 003 This is how the Windows 8 might look like, you are not going to like it


The next visual change is the log-on screen, which resembles the Windows Phone 7 Metro UI. There is also a profile picture in the system tray, right next to the clock.

gsmarena 004 This is how the Windows 8 might look like, you are not going to like it

Windows 8 is also rumored to have an 8-minute installation process and an option for factory reset just like in the phones. That way you can always rollback to a fresh start should something go wrong. According to some leaked roadmaps we should see the official Windows 8 beta this summer (June/July), while the Release Candidate will come in the autumn (September/October). The final version of Windows 8 is expected in early 2012.


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HTC have confirmedMicrosoft have taken the lid off a new app they have been working on, MSN Onit, which can really only be described as a guy app. It offers up content that men would find interesting, such as stuff from Esquire, Men Health etc.

The content is very blokish with car themed content from MSN Autos such as reviews, slideshows, etc. There is how-to guides from the likes of Esquire and Popular Mechanics; fitness and health information from Fitbie, Fox Sports Flash, Men Health, etc. Tech  news comes from MSNBC, LIFE, Popular Mechanics and


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Internet Explorer 9 launched the other day and it seems to be gaining popularity quite quickly. The latest version of the world most popular web browser scored some 2.35 million downloads in the first 24 hours of its existence alone, which is pretty impressive.

That makes over 27 download per second or nearly 100 000 downloads each hour. Now that might not be as impressive as the Mozilla 3 Guiness Book record, but if the trend continues Microsoft will finally be able to stop the rapid shrinking of the IE market share and might even start fighting back at some point.


Chrome has been putting a lot of pressure on competitors lately and with Firefox maintaining its sizable market share the expansion of the Google browser was mostly at the expense of Internet Explorer.


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Internet Explorer 9 is all done and baked and ready for download. Maybe you have played with the beta but I had not so I took it for a quick spin a few benchmarks and a few clicks on the more interesting-looking buttons.

First off, here are a few screenshots for those of you who have not seen Internet Explorer 9 before… It goes for an ultra-minimalistic look, which is the current trend among web browsers. By default, it puts tabs on the same row as the address bar but there is an easy option to change that. Oh, and Opera users will recognize the start page.

One cool option is to create faux apps from websites just drag their favicon to Window taskbar and it will create an icon just like an regular app has. Those icons start the browser and direct it to the specific page. There are some customizations look at the first screenshot below, specifically the icon and back/forward buttons. Sure, its just a fancy way to bookmark things but if you use Gmail as your primary email client, this can be pretty valuable.

And finally, here are a couple of benchmarks done with whatever browsers I had installed. I ran the Acid 3 test and V8 Benchmark Suite v6.


gsmarena 001 Internet Explorer 9 is out, ready for download   here are a few screenshots and benchmarksgsmarena 002 Internet Explorer 9 is out, ready for download   here are a few screenshots and benchmarksgsmarena 003 Internet Explorer 9 is out, ready for download   here are a few screenshots and benchmarks


gsmarena 004 Internet Explorer 9 is out, ready for download   here are a few screenshots and benchmarks gsmarena 005 Internet Explorer 9 is out, ready for download   here are a few screenshots and benchmarks gsmarena 006 Internet Explorer 9 is out, ready for download   here are a few screenshots and benchmarks


I was also going to test out the GPU acceleration (which supposedly beats FF and Opera) but it turns out the video card on this computer (NVIDIA GeForce 6150) chocked on only 20 fish so I skipped that one.


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Guinness World Records has confirmed that the Kinect for the Xbox 360 has cracked the world record for fastest selling consumer electronics device for a period of 60 days. Microsoft managed to sell an average of 133,333 Kinect units per day, making a total of 8 million units in its first 60 days of sale from 4 November 2010 to 3 January 2011.

If you think about it, this means that every hour over 5 thousand people bought the Kinect. Impressive numbers indeed, but the story doesn’t end there. Today marks the day of an even bigger achievement for Microsoft, as the company announced that they have sold their 10th million Kinect. Not only that, but along with them they sold over 10 million standalone games specially designed to makes use of the sensor, too.


In comparison, Kinect main rivals the PlayStation Move and the Wii with its Wiimote cannot brag about their sales so much. PlayStation Move sense controller sold merely 4.1 million units for roughly 2 months. And as far as the Wii goes, Nintendo reported back in January that it sold 7 million units in 2010, which does not seem too good, compared to the 10 million consoles it shipped in 2008.


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Microsoft iPad


If you saw the Apple iPad 2 and wanted to wait to see Microsoft response, you may have to wait a long time. A report out of Businessweek suggests that a true Microsoft iPad competitor will not hit the market until the back-to-school time in 2012. Yowza.


We already know that Microsoft tablet strategy is Windows has said this multiple times and it will stick with it. The problem is that no matter how much UI goodness you do to Windows 7, its not great on tablets because its not optimized for a multitouch experience that users demand.


So, that means the Microsoft iPad competitor will be running Windows 8, which is rapidly being developed. I expect a beta of Windows 8 to hit later this year with the full version landing in the Spring of 2012. We have seen the leaked Dell roadmap which has a Windows 8 tablet scheduled for the second quarter of 2012 to further cement this report.


Still, that seems like a long, long time for a Microsoft iPad competitor to really hit the market. Yes, we are still in the nascent stages of the tablet market and the software giant will argue that much was made about Linux dominating the netbook space in the early years before Windows came and dominated it.


The problem is that the tablet space is a bit different. Not to parrot Steve Jobs, but this is a post-PC era and patterns and purchasing decisions may be made earlier. Even if the Microsoft iPad competitor rocks our socks off, at least 30 million tablet users will be locked into the Apple ecosystem without an easy way to transition. Throw in the similar lock-in effect of apps with Honeycomb, webOS and Research In Motion and Microsoft may have a tough row to hoe.



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Microsoft has released the service pack for Windows 7 right on schedule. SP1 include all important updates to date plus some new ones, but nothing major.

You can download the SP1 via the Windows Update service or from the Microsoft website. OR Use your Start menu to check for updates, STEPS:

Windows Update is included in Control Panel. In the future, to check for updates :

  Click the 
Start button, click All Programs, and then click Windows Update

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Windows 8

What do you know, it turns out that Windows 8 may be surprisingly close a leaked roadmap has led to speculation that Windows 8 could turn up in beta form at Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in September. Which is just in time, if the rumors about the Dell Peju tablet coming out in Q1 2012 are right.

About 10 days ago, some leaked Dell roadmaps sparked our interest they showed upcoming Android and Windows Phone 7 handsets and a few droid tablets. Tucked in at the bottom was "Peju", a Windows 8 tablet, scheduled for the first quarter of next year.

Now, Microsoft aficionado Mary-Jo Foley is talking about a new roadmap for Windows 8, which shows that the second of three milestones for Windows 8 should be ready tomorrow. Work on the third milestone starts next Monday and if it takes as long as the second one it should be ready by September. Thats just on time for a beta version of Windows 8 to show up at the PDC, or at least a more details on the progress so far.

Of course, that would be followed by another beta and a release candidate, so the middle of 2012 is the rough target for when Windows 8/Next should be released to manufacturers. As for the ARM port of Windows, Mary-Jo says its unlikely that it will be ready by January, so the Dell Peju may just be a developers platform. Anyway, if we do not see it this September, CES 2012 is the next possible event for Windows 8 to officially break cover.



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steve ballmer

Steve Ballmer is most definitely one of the more belicose CEOs on the planet, but when it comes to Microsoft latest baby, Win Phone 7, he is been uncharacteristically quiet. Well he is started doing something about that in an interview with USA Today, in which he claims Windows Phone 7 has the best looking handsets in the business.

"There is a lot of competition, but we have got the best-looking phones on the market. We have got the greatest range of alternatives, the phones, the software, the craftsmanship. It is as good or better than anything out there. We have a lot of work to do. But, we are in the game. We sold 1.5 million into the carriers."

Ignoring the opening line hyperbole he does actually make a good point in terms of being able to offer customers a range of products. This has been one of Android greatest strengths, the ability to fit different types of customers, something not so easy for iOS with its single handset. Microsoft has done this whilst also maintaining a commonality amongst the different handsets through a standardised OS and standardized hardware specifications.

Of course it is early days for Windows Phone 7, but Ballmer clearly feels the platform has come out of its shell enough for him to start bagging it up.


Video calling was initially seen as being a killer 3G app that would wow the punters with its futuristic appeal. Of course that did not happen, rather it fell flat on its face and few, if any, actually used it. Fast forward to the iPhone 4 with FaceTime and suddenly, despite cheesy advertising, video calling is back in vogue. Enter Microsoft. Apparently the Big M is working on a video calling app of its own that will seemingly be integrated into Microsoft's Live services and be available to various Windows powered devices.

There are suggestions that the app would be a closed loop meaning that users would only be able to video call other people also using the same app. Its also worth pointing out here that currently no Windows Phone 7 powered smartphone has a front facing camera so this app, if it proves true, would presumably be for future hardware and thus may also come with a change in the minimum hardware specifications for Windows Phone 7.

The information was given out by a Microsoft employee described as being in a key position at Windows Phone 7. The employee was quoted as saying that the app would
reach beyond the hand of Skype. If further proof than comments from a mysterious employee were needed then take a gander at the picture below. Its a a screengrab from the Microsoft.Phone.Media.Extended.dll and shows work on a front facing camera system.



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You remember Microsoft Surface when it was first showed to the public almost three years ago, Well, at this year CES Microsoft revealed their latest generation of the magic touch table.

This time they have cooperated with Samsung to create a truly impressive user experience, and although Microsoft claim its cheaper than the original and if you badly want one its going to set you back $7,600.

The Surface 2.0 is greatly improved than its predecessor. First of all, its thinner than the original, the computer part of it being only four inches thick. In it there is a full-power PC with an AMD graphics chip and a dual-core processor, again from AMD, running Windows 7. Unlike the first generation of Surfaces that had cameras in them to track your movements and react correspondingly, the new version technology, relying on infrared, called PixelSense. In essence each and every pixel on the screen is acting as a camera and reads what is going on the screen.


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I was sure it was only a matter of time before Microsoft launches a full-touch mouse similar to Apple Magic Mouse. And the time has come meet the Touch Mouse. Its not as compact as the Arc Touch Mouse, but supports various gestures thanks to its multi-touch capabilities.

The gestures are quite similar to those on the Apple pointing device you can pinch-zoom, bring the desktop/task manager with three-finger scroll, move through different windows with two-finger gestures or use your thumb to go back/forward.

The Touch Mouse sounds as cool as the Magic Mouse, but I hope Microsoft will do a better job than Apple. I’ve used the Magic Mouse for a while and despite its helpful gestures, it was terrible in recognizing the right-button click. In order to do it right, I had to rest only one of my fingers at time on the mouse, while the others had to stay in the air. Very inconvenient indeed.

Microsoft Touch Mouse is already available on pre-order for $80 and will be released in May. It will be compatible only with Windows 7 and comes with a standalone 2.4GHz USB receiver.

Microsoft tablets

The market was agitated by a report from Bloomberg, which claimed that CES will be used to launch a tablet version of Windows, also available for devices with ARM processors. We do not know any technical details and Microsoft initially planned to adapt Windows 7 for tablets, but it did not happen. Do you remember the project of HP Slate and Steve Ballmer who showed the prototypes in January 2010? The device could not compete with Apple iPad even before the launch and HP cancelled it. Sales of iPad confirmed that the market potential is huge and it is only the beginning. It is clear that Microsoft would like to get its own share of the pie, but it is still unclear what the OS is about. It should be similar to Windows 7.

I would like to remind you of another story. Do you remember why Intel started developing MeeGo? Microsoft declined to create Windows 7 version for Intel Atom, while Intel required the OS for their devices. Free MeeGo emerged, but its development was pretty slow. Microsoft solutions will decrease the popularity of MeeGo for many producers of netbooks and tablet PCs. It will be further enhanced by an ability of Microsoft to sell its products in packages with discounts for particular OS versions. Interests of different companies are so entangled in the segment, that we get a complete helter-skelter. It is interesting to see what Microsoft is going to unveil and how attractive this solution will be for its partners. Their decisions will influence the sales of future devices with different OS on board.

main The Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two discontinued yet again


The Micorsoft KIN One and Two showed up, were disliked, discontinued and then brought back to life once again. Tired of this soap opera?


Apparently, US carrier Verizon is tired of it too, so its closing down the KIN Studio onlince service, which means that as of 31 January the few KIN owners out there will only be able use the device for making calls, checking their email, and listening to music.


All the SNS stuff will be gone, such as:

• Feed Reader will stop working
• Search Near me will stop working
• Posting Photos to social sites will no longer be possible
• Most pictures currently on Kin will only appear at thumbnail resolution
• Posting to Social Networks will no longer work
• No comments from the loop
• Social network contacts will disappear
• Loop will stop to work
• Kin Spot will only send to emails
• Social networks only accessed from web browser.



The title says it all, but let us get into some details about the closing of Microsoft KIN Studio, which was the backbone in the cloud for the device.

Evidently, come January 31st, people with KINs will lose the ability to do everything over-the-air, except use your Zune Pass over WiFi and email. Check it:

  • Feed Reader will stop working
  • Search Near me will stop working
  • Posting Photos to social sites will no longer be possible
  • Most pictures currently on Kin will only appear at thumbnail resolution
  • Posting to Social Networks will no longer work.
  • No comments from the loop
  • Social network contacts will disappear.
  • Loop will stop to work
  • Kin Spot will only send to emails.
  • Social networks only accessed from web browser.


So outside of making phone calls and playing music, the KIN is really, truly dead. Why even bother after that last, half attempt at a re-launchWe have no idea either. But Verizon is trying to make things right by letting users know now to back up their data now and going one step further, allowing them to pick a 3G phone of their choice for FREE. Offer is valid only through March 31st. Attached are some images from the pamphlet that Verizon is sending out to KIN customers.


Windows phone logo

It was just the other day that reports were circulating of a massive Windows Phone 7 update coming in Janaury. Some fresh chatter, however, downplays that excitement and suggests that we should not be getting to hopeful of a gargantuan update for the platform.

All Things D are reporting that the January update, and there will be an update around that time yes, will contain two major things, copy/paste and support for CDMA networks. The former is probably the more well known and talked about, but the latter may very well prove to be the more important, at least from Microsoft point of view.

Windows phone 7


With Windows Phone 7 off to what some have seen as a rocky start the ability to sell devices through more networks, especially the large American Verizon network, would be a big boost for Microsoft.

As for multi-tasking, that is not being touted as a major feature of the forthcoming update, which suggests that it will not be included. Multi-tasking would almost certainly be classified as a major new feature so it looks like that might be something we end up waiting a little longer to see, in whatever form it eventually comes to WP7.



Acer are surely taking the tablet game seriously. After the two Android-running slates we saw earlier, we are now getting one with a proper OS. Acer are not giving away the name of this one either, but they confirm that it has a 10.1-inch screen, runs Windows 7 and is powered by some AMD chip.

The Acer Windows 7 tablet measures just 15mm of thickness and weighs under 2.2 pounds. It has a 1.3 megapixel cameras on its front and has built-in WiFi and 3G radios.



The rest of the specs sheet of the Acer new tablet is still unknown, but the device should hit the shelves in February so they should be cleared out soon enough.


I am an Xbox 360 owner and I admit I would never buy a Kinect controller. I do not like the games or the idea of making funny moves in front of my TV to play them... Waste of Money!!

But also I have a Windows 7-based PC connected to that TV. And I can be easily lured to buy a Kinect to do Si-Fi stuff on my computer while I am sitting on my couch.

Ever since I watched Minority Report back in 2002 I have always hoped that some day thе interaction system pictured there will be available for real. Well this day looks much closer now that I have seen these demo videos of the Kinect controller hooked to a Windows PC.





Microsoft has pursued a rather aggressive strategy when it comes to getting apps up and running for its new Windows Phone platform, even offering cash incentives to developers to bring their apps over.

PopCap Games, who make Plants vs Zombies, has revealed that Microsoft had a cool $100,000 on the table if PopCap brought the game over to Windows Phone. As enticing as that offer was PopCap declined, citing various strings attached to the offer that they said they would have trouble accepting.

PopCap did bring Bejweled to Win Phone 7 and as they commented to GigaOm, "
We were not sure we could meet the commitment but we already identified we wanted to be on there. If the platform succeeds, the dollars we were kicking around the table will be peanuts."

Foursquare was another company offered cash upfront to develop for Windows Phone. Originally Foursquare had decided that they would wait until Windows Phone hit 10 million sales before developing an app for it, but they changed their minds when Microsoft decided to pay for the development costs.

Whilst some may criticise Microsoft for paying to win, it does meant hat early adopters of Windows Phone 7 have access to many of the most popular apps found on other platforms. It also means that Windows Phone gets out of the starting blocks looking ready for business, a re-assuring sign that many customers may look for.




The Microsoft KIN phones may have become zombies as they are apparently back from the dead and into a leaked Verizon roadmap for Q4. The zombified KIN One and Two have lost their pricey data plan maybe now they will be more competitive. Mind you, you would be still buying a canceled product…

The Microsoft KIN phones survived a mere 48 days before they were pulled off the US market and they never reached Europe. Now they are making a comeback and while they’ve dropped the expensive contract, you can still stream Zune Pass music from Wi-Fi hotspots.


The leaked file does not list price for either KIN, but their specs are pretty impressive. The KIN One is a tiny portrait slider with hardware QWERTY, 5MP camera and 4GB of built in memory. The KIN Two on the other hand is a bigger side-slider with QWERTY and 8MP camera with 8GB built-in memory.


Both KINs are built on the NVIDIA Tegra platform running at 600MHz and the Microsoft KIN Two records 720p video. Before you go thats a great deal! keep in mind that their custom OS is rather limited No apps, No games, No calendar and not even IM.





LG will give away free applications for its Windows Phone 7 users ONLY So,If you own any Windows Phone 7 running LG smartphone such as Optimus 7, 7Q or Quantum, you will get a package of free apps every 60 days.


Those subsidized packages will include all kind of software social-networking, business, games, etc. There will be 10 new apps, which should amount to more than 30 US dollars. As soon as a new package is released the old one will stop being available and So ON! But 60 days sounds more than enough. I think LG is just trying to Sell More WP7 Devices like the Optimus 7 and the E900. LG has also Announced the First WP7 CDMA version called the Optimus 7cdma.




The HP Slate 500 runs Windows 7 Professional and it has an 8.9-inch touchscreen with overall weight of just 680 grams.


Hp Slate 500


The Slate 500 is powered by an Intel Z540 CPU clocked at 1.86GHz and has 2GB of RAM. A dedicated video decoder will take the weight off the CPU, so you can watch 1080p problem-free. Internal storage takes the form of a 64GB SSD.


Hp Slate 500 Back

The 8.9-inch screen on the HP Slate 500 has 1024×600 pixels resolution and it features a Wacom digitizer you can use your finger or the stylus. The customized UI we’ve seen before is gone its just plain Windows 7 Professional. There are two cameras a 3MP main one and a VGA video-call one.


Full Specs Document


Click to View Larger



The HP Slate 500 will initially launch in the US, with availability in other markets depending on how its sales stateside go.

Win pho 7



Microsoft have posted up the video of yesterday Windows Phone 7 launch in New York and its definitely worth a watch, if for nothing else than the demo of the various services. The video starts out a bit slow with Steve Ballmer giving the usual corporate shtick, but it soon gets into a full blown demo so you might want to skip ahead.

Dell WP7



Dells also joined the Windows Phone 7 party today with the announcement of Dell Venue Pro. Its a portrait slider with full QWERTY keyboard and 4.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen.


Dell Venue Pro was previously rumored as Lightning. Despite its official status we still do not know all specifications beside the obvious 4.1-inchs capacitive AMOLED touchscreen with Gorilla Glass, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 8GB internal memory and 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and 720p video recording.

windows phone


Here is some of the First Real Hands-on windows phone 7 devices that spread on the web for the last two days. The Hands-on shows 3 windows phone 7 devices from 3 different Manufactures Samsung, LG and HTC.

The Devices are (HTC Surround), (
LG Quantum) and (Samsung Focus) All runs Win Phone 7 OS.


Videos Below!

Windows Phone


Here is the Ads and Commercials of the New Microsoft Windows phone 7 for Smart phones. The Ads has just been released on Youtube and Many other TV Channels. In addition to the two adverts above Microsoft have also released some short presentations more aimed at the technorati amongst us by the looks of things.


Videos Are Below!



Today big news if of course the launch of Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft have done their best to hit the ground running. They've unveiled nine handsets that will kickstart the platform and they have also revealed that thye have some 30 network partners around the world so far.

Windows phone 7 Devices:

  • HTC Surround - 3.8 inch screen, 16 GB storage, slideout speaker
  • HTC HD7 - 4.3 inch screen and the successor to the much praised Windows Mobile powered HD2
  • HTC 7 Trophy - 3.8inch screen, will be the lowest specced of HTC's launch handsets
  • HTC Mozart - 3.7inch screen, should be launching globally
  • Dell Venue Pro - 4.1inch screen, slide out QWERTY keyboard
  • Samsung Focus - 4inch AMOLED screen, a rebranded Cetus
  • Samsung Omnia 7 - 4inch SAMOLED screen, the previously rumoured i8700, will launch in Europe
  • LG Optimus - 3.8inch screen, previously known as the E900
  • LG Quantum - 3.5inchs creen, slider, debuts on AT&T

It certainly a bigger lineup than Android had when it launched back in 2007 with just a single handset, the G1. Adding to that choice is the number of networks that these handsets will be available on around the world.

  • North America - AT&T, T-Mobile, TELUS, America Movil
  • Europe - O2, Orange, SFR, Movistar, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone
  • Asia-Pacific - Sing Tel, Telstra, Vodafone

winpoh7 homescreen



A modern smartphone OS needs to be balanced drawing on excellent cloud services and standing on the cutting edge of software. The Windows Phone 7 OS is nothing like Windows Mobile. Its got a trendy, almost magazine like new look and it is incredibly simple to use despite its different approach to just about everything.



games center



Key features:

  • Premium mobile OS (high-minimum hardware requirements)
  • Clean, uncluttered interface with distinctive design language
  • Easy and thumbable user interface
  • Smooth operation with cool animations and transition effects
  • A fresh start with no legacy support needed
  • Backed up and developed by one of the largest software companies in the world
  • Excellent MS Office mobile implementation
  • Top-notch social integration
  • Excellent cloud services integration (SkyDrive, Windows Live, Xbox Live)

Main disadvantages:

  • No system-wide file manager
  • No videocalling
  • Limited third-party apps
  • No Bluetooth file transfers
  • No USB mass storage mode
  • No memory card support
  • No multitasking
  • No copy paste
  • Too dependent on Zune software for computer file management and syncing
  • No music player equalisers
  • No Flash or Silverlight support in the web browser
  • No sign of free Bing maps Navigation so far
  • No DivX/XviD video support

contact profile

Microsoft is not fossilized in their own mythology. They are finally looking competitive in the apps and services part of smartphoning and Windows Phone 7 is their ticket out of the mold.






The Windows Mobile Today screen is gone and gone is the Start menu. We told you, Windows Phone 7 is unrecognizable as a descendant of Windows Mobile. But do not worry theres actually only a couple of things you need to learn before you feel right at home with the new UI.



file manager


web browser


The interface has a cool cover-of-a-magazine feel to it. At first glance, the similarity is obvious font size ranges from large titles to small labels to direct your attention as needed. Some of the hubs even have a dynamic visual background that makes them look like a page in a magazine.









Bing search is integrated into Windows Phone 7, just like Google Search is part of Android. It offers suggestions as you type too, but it has one nifty little feature the background picture.



bing maps



Like the Bing website, there are new photos every day to serve as background, but on WP7 these have an extra feature three squares on the photo, which give you three interesting facts about whats on the picture. The copyright sign in the bottom right also reveals the location of the photo.



bing maps


LG E900 Optimus 7


After series of live photos and a thorough demo video, LG E900 Optimus 7 Final Version now leaks in some official press shots. Thats Mean No More Proto-types and Expectations... Samsung own WP7 smartphone, the Samsung I8700 Omnia 7, poses for a video shoot.


LG E900 Optimus 7


We previously saw Optimus 7 showcased Many times by LG itself and the first leaked live pictures and video. Now its time for the official press photos. There is No More Details but the official announcement will be later this month for the complete details.



LG E900 Optimus 7

Win7 Store




Windows Phone 7 is just around the cornerand as we get closer and closer to launch day the final pieces of the store are being put into place. One of the most important pieces, perhaps even the most important piece, is the app store. No modern smartphone OS can get by without an app store and Microsoft has been finalising its Windows Marketplace for the launch.

Microsoft have taken a very pro-active stance when it comes to launching with a good selection of apps, even going so far as to pay developers to code apps for its new platform. Starting from today Microsoft will be sending forth invitations to registered devs asking them if they want to participate in an early submission process. Its estimated that a few thousand devs will be able to gain early access and get their apps published in time for the launch of the handsets, which most now believe will take place in either late October or perhaps early November depending upon region.

Microsoft Press Release:

"There are several app store models out there today, but we’ve been given a unique opportunity to start from scratch and launch a Marketplace with one great year of experience under our belt. As I said earlier, our approach is philosophically the same. But now we know how to do it better. We’re focused on enabling a broad developer community to create quality apps and games that take advantage of the unique features of our phone, and we’re providing better tools and guidance to do it. We continue to keep our certification standards high and our policies transparent, while keeping the door closed to more questionable content. We also continue to improve the speed and predictability of our certification process so developers can more accurately plan."

Windows Phone 7 logo



Microsoft have confirmed that Windows Phone 7 will be launched on 11th October in a series of worlwide events. The main party seems to be taking place in New York where Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, will be joined by ATT head honcho, Ralph de la Vega to give a presentation.

ATT will be in attendance as they are Microsoft preferred launch partner in the USA. T-Mobile would also be making an appearance at the New York Event. That is true in so far as T-Mobile will be making an appearance at an event that is for Microsoft customers only. Both ATT and T-Mobile will have Win Phone 7 handsets ready for launch, with AT&T reported to have 3 separate handsets ready to fly off the shelves.

On the subject of handsets its worth noting that even though the platform is launching on 11th October the handsets will probably not. Rather they are expected to go on sale over a week later in Europe on 21st October and even later still in America on 8th November

optimus 7


Some people have gotten a chance to have a play with Windows Phone 7 ahead of its official launch later this month and they have recorded the experience on video for you to gawk at. Note though that the handset they are using in the video is not a final production unit, so cut it a little slack.

They go through things like the Xbox Live view, the contacts list, bing voice search, the Zune player and more besides.


Video Below!

Toshiba windows phone 7


Toshiba may be the latest manufacturer to have thrown its hat into the Windows Phone 7 ring after a filing with the GCF (aka Global Certification Forum) mentioned a certain Toshiba TG03. Now there had been a TG03 from Toshiba earlier in the year, which was taken to be a Windows Mobile handset, but it never actually appeared. The thinking therefore is that it was scrapped in favour of going with the Win Phone 7 rather than the older Windows Mobile and thus this new appearance of the TG03 is in fact the Windows Phone 7 version.

Of course one has to remember that Toshiba is not a named launch partner for Windows Phone 7 so this could all just be pie in the sky. Having said that Toshiba could still release a Win Phone 7 handset soon after the platform becomes official as Acer is planning to do. In fact being slightly behind the curve here might actually be a good move as it would give them time to fine tune their handset once the initial reaction to Win Phone 7 has been assessed.

In case you need a refresh, HTC Mondrian is rumored to pack a 4.3-inch capacitive WVGA touchscreen display, a 1.3 GHz Snapdragon processor, a 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording and support for both GSM and CDMA 3G (HSDPA and EV-DO).

The phone announcement will be Officially on 11 October.


Both ads are both odd and funny, but I guess this is Microsofts new way of enticing potential customers. just watch the two videos below!


Well it was only yesterday that we were posting up that leaked image of the HD3/7 and commenting on how even though there was a nice picture of it there was no specs list. Fear not gentle reader for the specs list has now also leaked out! Most of the specs you could probably have geussed to be fair, but it's still nice to see them in black and white.

The noticeable thing here is that the HD7 is similar to the HD2, both running with 1 GHz processors, 4.3-inch touchscreens and 576 MB of RAM. Both handsets also sport 5 MP cameras. So far the expected launch date is sometime in October, presumably after the 11th when Windows Phone 7 itself officially launches.


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