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3 January, 20133 January, 2013 Nokia Nokia

Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia's first PureView smartphone, the Nokia 808 PureView with 41 MP camera has just received a New firmware update from Nokia.

The firmware update is version 113.010.1508 and weights 420 MB in size, this update is daid to be improving the performance and features of the 808 PureView. You can download it via Nokia Suite.


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4 December, 20124 December, 2012 Nokia Nokia

Nokia HQ


Sadly, Nokia financial status is not so good these days, As a result the company is selling its headquarters building in Espoo, Finland for approximately €170 million. The building offers 48,000 square meters of office real estate and has been housing Nokia's HQ since 1997. Nokia will finalize the deal by the end of this year.


Nokia HQ

Chief financial officer of Nokia, Timo Ihamuotia had to say:

We had a comprehensive sales process with both Finnish and foreign investors and we are very pleased with this outcome. As we have said before, owning real estate is not part of Nokia's core business and when good opportunities arise we are willing to exit these types of non-core assets. We are naturally continuing to operate in our head office building on a long-term basis. - Nokia CFO






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2 December, 20122 December, 2012 Nokia Nokia

Nokia Android


Nokia's Media Relations fellow, Doug Dawson, puts an end of the rumors that Nokia is not looking into building a hardware for the Android OS. Rumors started online as Nokia was looking for Software engineer to Embedded Linux Middleware on LinkedIn.


On the other hand, we did point out that the listing could be for software engineers to help build a version of Nokia's HERE mapping app to Android. And as it turns out, that is exactly what Mr. Dawson revealed in a tweet that he send out on Sunday. Dawson said that the job listing is related to HERE Maps support for both Android and iOS and other platforms.



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2 October, 20122 October, 2012 Nokia Nokia

808 PV

Starting today, Nokia is rolling out the Belle FP2 update its last generation of Nokia OS phones. The Nokia 808 PureView is getting a good deal of exclusive imaging and gallery features, while the 701, 700 and 603 are getting the same update sans those extras.


PV 808

Here's the change log for Nokia 808 PureView's camera and gallery features:

  • More information about your images, such as image resolution, ISO value, white balance setting, and file size, and the location. When you are connected online, one click will show you on Nokia Maps where the photo was taken.
  • New reset button in Creative mode to change all the settings back to default with a single touch
  • Gallery Grid view when you have the phone in landscape
  • Select and delete multiple photos in Gallery Grid
  • Access to more functions when you open your images from the Gallery widget on your home screen - swipe through other images, zoom, share, edit, and send images faster.




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25 September, 201225 September, 2012 Nokia Nokia

HTC 8X vs. Lumia 820


Latest Rumors claim that Nokia considers seeking ban for the upcoming HTC flagship Windows Phone 8X. The Finns Company accuse HTC of copying the Lumia 820 front panel design for its Windows Phone 8X. As you can see above both devices looks very much the same.

Nokia unveiled the Lumia 820 and 920 in the beginning of September. HTC announced its two WP-powered headsets two weeks later. Shortly after Nokia's EVP of Sales and Marketing tweeted "It takes more than matching color to match the innovation of the Lumia 920." aimed directly at HTC's new phones.



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24 July, 201224 July, 2012 Nokia Nokia

nokia pureview

Today, Nokia announced that they have completed the acquisition of technologies, developers and intellectual property from imaging software specialists Scalado. The Finns first hinted at this deal last month, and they are now ready to finalize it.

As you may know, due to some reasons that the two companies have chosen not to disclose, Nokia is not actually buying the Scalado company, but only its personnel and technology. From a users' perspective there's little difference though, as the cool software features developed by the Swedish-based company will soon be making their way to Nokia smartphones.




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23 June, 201223 June, 2012 Nokia Nokia

Pureview 808

It has just been over a week since the Nokia 808 PureView went on sale and Nokia has already given the phones its first firmware upgrade. The FW Update version 112.020.0310 is now available over-the-air and can be downloaded directly on to your phone, or you can download it by connecting your phone to Nokia Suite.

pureview OTA

Although an official change log is not available, the update brings with it improvement in scrolling performance, quicker saving of the 38 megapixel images (as you know these images are very large in size), smoother auto-rotation and other performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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19 June, 201219 June, 2012 Nokia Nokia

PureView 808

Nokia dropped North America from the list of countries getting the 808 Pureview at first when it got reeled. This has changed Today, Nokia made an official launch announcement of the Nokia 808 PureView in the U.S. and soon will be in canda.

The 808 PureView will be sold through and the cost is $699 without a contract. No proper release date has been mentioned but the pre-orders will begin later this week or you can also sign up to be notified when the device goes on sale.




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18 June, 201218 June, 2012 Nokia Nokia

Stephen Elop


We all know Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop. He lives in Helsinki, after he announced that he was going to let go 10,000 employees he opted to go home with some security guards according to the Finnish publication Iltalehti. When you look at Finland alone, roughly 3,700 Nokia employees will lose their job. You have to remember, this is a country with approximately 5.3 million people.


Nokia is also intrinsic to Finland's identity, so you can see why their current situation might cause a lot of locals to be upset. Still, would they be crazy enough to attack Elop as he was coming home from work? Highly unlikely.


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17 June, 201217 June, 2012 Nokia Nokia

pureview 808

Nokia released a few teaser images on its US Facebook page that contain the date, Monday, June 18th. This is the same day Microsoft is holding a tablet event and people started speculating that Nokia's announcement is related to the Microsoft event. The two announcements are not related. Sources told the blog that Nokia will likely announce the US launch of the 41-megapixel 808 PureView.

The 808 PureView is a Symbian-powered handset with a 41-megapixel camera. It's mid-range phone with a 4-inch OLED display, a 1.3GHz processor and 512MB of RAM.

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