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Google+ flipboard

It has been announced today that Flipboard will get integration with Google+ through access to the Google+ API. The reason we're a bit surprised by this news is because of the history of the two companies.

Google once tried to purchase Flipboard, and allegedly threatened Flipboard that if the deal wasn't made, Google would launch a competitor to take down Flipboard. The purchase never happened, and subsequently, Google launched Currents as its "Flipboard killer".


google+ api

Of course, even without an official Android app, Flipboard has not been killed by Currents, and really Currents hasn't gotten all that big of a following at all. So, it's pretty interesting that Google has now made amends and made a new deal with Flipboard in order to get Google+ integration with the popular app. Google's VP of Product Management, Bradley Horowitz, showed off an unreleased version of Flipboard for iPad with the Google+ integration at LeWeb in London. For those of you that have used Flipboard for iOS, you know that the share menu already includes Google+, but this new deal will add +1 buttons to articles as well, and even pull posts from your G+ stream. This is even bigger news because of the API involved.




Facebook Logo

Did you ever wonder what exactly happens when you report something on facebook or flag a comment ? or report a fake/hacked profile ? The Infographic below is the Answer to all your questions, as it shows you the facebook support system and what every team are doing to assist you. Click on the pic below to show larger version.


Facebook reprot

Just Now, Facebook officially announced that it has acquired the face-recognition software company The deal is expected to go through in the coming weeks. There's no telling what are Facebook's plans about yet but it looks like the facial search and Auto-tagging features is coming to world's largest social network.

facebook released an article in its official blog, stating the company plans to continue supporting its developers and that it will disclose more information about the progress of the deal as it becomes available.




Facebook App center


What's the next big thing in Facebook? The Facebook App center which shows you what apps users may want to check out on their Android or iOS devices. Facebook App Center launched last Night with a listing of over 600 apps and just as the leaks indicated, puts your friends recommendations of what to use front and center.


iOS fB app center

The App Center is available on mobile via the Facebook apps for iOS and Android, or by accessing on mobile. where users can send apps to their phone and then get redirected to the App Store & Google Play to download it if necessary. Head to the App center and try it out!


App Center

Go to Facebook App center


Some unconfirmed reports around web saying that Facebook is aimed at buying The face-recognition company "" for $80-$100 Million in order to implement the face recognition technology of to automatically tag the people in your photos and save you some effort. Also you may be able to search for the person profile using a photo of his/her face for more accurate results.

Facebook Made Many changes on the last couple of months, going public with a $100 billion valuation, acquiring Instagram for a $1 billion, announcing its own App Center and allegedly planning to release its own phone a year from now and perhaps buying Opera to create its own web browser.

Facebook phone

Reports of Facebook working on making their own mobile phone is coming out AGAIN. The latest report came from The New York Times who have spoken to several Facebook employees and engineers who have been briefed on the plans.

Facebook is currently working on a Facebook phone, which it plans to launch next year and this time it is going to be more than just a button to launch the app. For this the company has also hired more than half a dozen software and hardware engineers who formerly worked at Apple on the iPhone and iPad.


Zuckerberg facebook phone

According to NYT, Zuckerberg feels that Facebook should make its own phone or it will end up being just an app. Having their own phone will also be a source of revenue, something that the free apps cannot achieve.


Soruce NYT

FB Camera



Facebook has just released a brand new Facebook Camera App for iOS devices. The app is completely separate from the main Facebook app and concentrates only on capturing, sharing and viewing photos on Facebook.


Fb Camera App

The launch of this app has come as a surprise to everyone considering it has only been a month since Facebook as announced the $1 billion Instagram deal. Facebook Camera App has a couple of advantages over Instagram. The App also Coming very soon to Android devices via Google PLAY as a separated App beside the Facebook & Messenger Apps.


FB Camera App


With Facebook Camera, you can share photos on Facebook faster than ever, and see what friends are up to in a feed of nothing but their photos. Here is the Features list:

  • Post a bunch of photos at once
  • See friends' latest photos in one place
  • Play with crops and filters
  • Tag friends, add captions and say where you are 
  • See photos from different apps


Download for iOS




Facebook promote post


According to a couple of sources out there in the internet, Facebook has started to roll out the Promoted Post feature for Brand Page administrators. Whenever the feature arrives for you and yours, you'll notice a new "Promote" option next to the box where you type your status update which is next to the blue "Post" button.

Essentially, the purpose of paying to promote your update is to reach a larger audience. Upon clicking the "Promote" button, you'll be presented with a menu of pricing options. The prices to promote a post are staggered based on how much of a reach you want for your post. If you're aiming for the fences, for example, you can pay $20 to reach about a wide audience of Facebookers who have liked your Page.


Google+ logo


The Google+ App has been redesign and made its way onto the Google Play Store bringing not only the new looks, but also some neat functionalities and better support for High Resolution Smartphones, like the Galaxy S III and HTC One X. Get the App now from Google Play.


Google+ App

Here are some of the new things you can do with the new Google+ application:

  • Initiate a Hangout from the main menu
  • Support for ringing hangout notification
  • Support for post editing
  • Messenger suggestions for people you may know
  • Download photos from posts or Messenger conversations



In a surprise ceremony, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in a private wedding at his home in Palo Alto, on Saturday. Mark posted photo above on his timeline.

According to the Associated Press, Zuckerberg's marriage to Priscilla Chan took place in front of about 100 invited guests who thought they were celebrating Ms. Chan's medical school graduation. It all happened in Zuckerberg's backyard.


Congrats Mark!



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