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It has been a long time when the Android community and developers have been connected with the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Later on many new and amazing changes were introduced in this device and further developments took place. Present world is a fast pacing world and in order to cope with the advancing Age, new aspects of technology are being introduced especially in the devices of Android.

According to the new concept video, the latest and innovative ideas are being introduced in the field of Android device and technology development. Some of these newly expressed ideas are very cool and appealing.

In the recently launched concept video, it has been clearly established that the major focus of the developing authorities of the Android family has been on the cards integration and introducing the notification bars. In addition to this a new opaque look has also been shown in this video.

In addition to this, there are many multi tasking Stacks and skills shown in this video. These new introductions look very amazing in the upcoming new applications of the Android devices.





 Android Device Manager is bringing the new features including remote password changing as well as device locking. However, Android Police has exposed signs for these new features in the new Google Play Services, although they are not so far to be approved formally by the company.


In addition, Android Police has also revealed a picture on the Android gadget Manager website that shows the functionality of the new features. In case you are not well known with it, Android Device Manager is a latest upcoming Google feature that lets you follow the misplaced or streaked devices, loop them, and clean them distantly  but that is the entire that you can act so far.


However, being capable to distantly adjust the password of an Android gadget and catch it, are features that could be very obliging when difficult to recover a Smartphone or tablet and even protect the related private information in the process.




Google has unveiled its latest version of Android, an iterative update to Jelly Bean known as Android 4.3 - and phone manufacturers seem very interested.

We already know the new Nexus 7 will be the first device to actually ship with Android 4.3, while the Neuxs 4, old Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10 should be receiving the update from July 24, with the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Edition HTC One next in line.

Samsung has apparently spoken out officially on their Android 4.3 update plans to TechRadar, and we're afraid their response wasn't very encouraging. Samsung UK had this to say:

Samsung UK will confirm upgrade plans to Android 4.3 to selected Galaxy devices in the coming months"

The company didn't name any devices, not even their flagship Galaxy S4, and while rumors have been flying around that at least the Galaxy S III and Note II will get Android 4.3.  We will keep you posted.


Many new versions of Android technology have been introduced in market for the Galaxy S4 model. Developers have now come up with the Google Play edition for Samsung S4. This new updated version of Android is being made official. It was built on 11th of July but was leaked one week after that. Now it is available for Galaxy S4 play edition. Users can conveniently install this edition on their devices. The build number of this new Android 4.3 edition is JWR66N.

There are many improvements and directions introduced in this edition of Android Galaxy S4. There are many bugs and application performances included in this edition. There are various battery improvements in this edition which is highly friendly for the hardware system of your phone. It will let the phone act as wireless even in the cases when the phone is powered off. Similarly this version also includes the SIM unlock facilities. Further information about the facilities and provisions of this version can be obtained at



Android 4.3 firmware version has not been rolled out by Google officially yet, but this version has already been rooted. This news has been given by xda developers.

This root works on Galaxy S4 Google edition which runs the Android 4.3 version which was leaked a few days ago. Chainfire said that it is the first root out there. The root requires a few mods to supers.

All the features are successfully running and they are fully operational. If you have a galaxy S4, you can install the android 4.3 and this can be rooted easily. While installing or rooting the version, whatever happens to your smartphone, you will be responsible for that. You must make sure that you have a backup for your data and carefully follow all the instructions while downloading this version.

Android 4.3 has not been released and it is still not official so let's wait for the final announcement by Google.


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