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The two Google Play Edition devices (Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one) got JWR66Y security update in last August and knocked the Nexus phones. The major motive to receive an Android device was the preference for stock Android as well as the accessibility of security updates.


Moreover, having speedy and assured updates gently sloping out to your cell phone or tablet is particularly significant when it relates to security updates. Market key vulnerability is a big model that revealed by researchers this summer. However, at rest we do not identify that firms like HTC or Samsung have resolved the problems on their phone devices.


In addition, the security update JWR66Y should strike your HTC one or Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition over the air at any moment. However, it is not obvious so far, the security update will bring any other alteration in addition to the cryptographic hardening, but it extremely suggests applying it as soon as possible.







Google has completely stopped delivering the two Andriod versions that are 1.6 Donut and 2.1 Éclair. The reason that takes them out is that both these versions do not support the Google Play store App.


Developers always keep an eye on such things, so Google will not be posting those numbers again.


If we take into account the last month, both these just accounted for 1.3% of the total available platform which is nothing and have no affect as well.


Google is now showing devices that pings the App stores and this gets as the requirement for the phones now-a-days. On the other hand Jelly bean keeps on rising and share almost have of the Andriod distribution. The other popular ones are Ginger bread and Ice cream sandwich.


Ginger bread has 30.7% while ICS has 21.7% and both these goes down if we compared it from the last month.




Most of people lobbed complain at Google play store due to absence of products in some parts of the world. The problem is still unresolved but will solve soon.


The android Authority reader was not available outside of united state. The residents of New Zealand and Australia will be happy due to presence of all products here. However most of readers and viewers are out of access in most of parts of world. However the condition will become good after some time. Now the Play Books has reached its global reach like Romania, Poland, Hungry, Greece and Denmark. The service is available in these countries.


Now the products of Google play will be available in most of part of the world. It is nice to observe that more people are getting access to products and media. The contents of Google play are most vital for you. is any product not available in your country?




Google glass now has its own portal for obtaining apps but the experience is still limited to those who are explorers. You can develop your own apps available to Glass users worldwide but they cannot make apps through play store.


Google glass now appears on the drop down list of the devices on the play store. Google glass users may soon have access on play store while play store is checking your account for glass ownership.


It would be great option to purchase apps and media via glass. Glass navigation is done by series of cards and alerts while navigating the play store on glass may be impossible. Users don't have to select the things on screen just like android or web users do.


Google already has a number of app store destination points so it's Smart to have much in one area as possible.



An app was released by Google named as "one today". This app allowed you to donate a Dollar or more to those cause. This app describes you where your money is going and tells you the charity of the day.


But you can only access this app by sending an invite while Google takes 1.9% fee. Changes have been made now in this app today. Now the users at US can download this app for free without sending any invite. They can post their donations on Google and make it social. You can also promote it to others so that they can donate for good cause.


This app is really good and can help many needy people if you donate a dollar through this app once in a while. This is betterment of the world.


You can download it for free and promote it among your friends. Do a little, change a lot.

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