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There are many joint ventures of Verizon going on with other telecommunication brands. Recently Verizon has collaborated with Motorola brand and have produced the three new Droid devices. These are actually smarty phones which have been produced by Motorola in partnership with Verizon. These are Motorola Droid Ultra, Motorola Droid Mini and Motorola Droid Maxx. There are many new applications in these latest versions of Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra but they will be sold on the last year prices of 299 dollars and 199 dollars respectively.

Presently among the three versions of the Motorola Droid devices, the Droid Mini device is obviously the cheapest one and it is the most glamorous among the newly produced devices by the joint venture of Motorola and Verizon. The Droid Mini will obviously be the cheapest month the new handsets: 99.99 dollars on contract. The companies are also taking the pre orders of these devices. However these are now visible right now on the website of Verizon.




LG has sent an official press in New York for the Official August 7 G2 launch event. So another month is coming of the interesting technologies. LG is coming with its G2 flagship. LG is going on top because of its campaigns. Well that is there marketing strategy. The most important thing is that company's executives are giving hints about the new upcoming device 4 months before its announcement.


They have sent emails to the press 7 weeks before the event. They have issued an official PR about what CPU, your new flagship will have. They are following the official invitations 3 weeks later. These are some pointless things which are still not understood. But maybe it will be revealed soon.


There is almost a whole month before this launch is announced. LG has also uploaded a video to YouTube which is a teaser but some people think that it is pointless. Maybe it is there new strategy to promote their new launch. Fingers crossed.



Dexetra Software has launched a magical and intelligent application that can scan your mind in an effective manner. Yes, Dexetra Software, the team which earlier launched applications like Iris and Friday has come up with Dialapp, a dialer that contains similar features as Android stock dialer but what makes it different is its twisting feature. DialApp providing effective guessing feature, it already guess the contact number you are about to make a call to.



DialApp is well-designed software that learns from the habits and communications of the user. By analyzing your call history, location and time it concludes and makes it easier for you to dial the required contact. In this regard, the magical DialApp brings up the contacts on the call history screen that you are most likely to call and you can select in no time from them.



Very simple but effective application can be connected through Google+ users can sign in and get start with the magical functionality of DialApp by Dexetra's Friday service. Get started with Dialapp and make let it do its job.



HTC One Design Video


Just days after Samsung released a poignant video about how their people came up with the design idea for the Galaxy S 4, HTC releases its own version of One's design videoSeems like HTC is staying true to its promise not to be too "quiet" and increase its presence in the market through advertisements.


Moreover, it also looks like HTC is really bent on taunting Samsung because both videos feature the phones' "designers" speaking interview-style.  Notice Samsung's use of instrumental music and one of the designers calling S 4 an "evolution", whereas HTC opts not to put background music and calling HTC One a "breakthrough" phone. 


Furthermore, HTC includes a clip of how they use their unique etching process to create the back cover of the One and points out how the HTC people created a phone that does not distract the user with unnecessary parts and has a zero-gap design.  Good for HTC for stepping out of its comfort zone and advertising in direct opposition with Samsung.  For those who haven't seen the Samsung video, here is the link to view it.



htc one


To say that HTC One is delayed is an obvious understatementHowever, considering that Taiwan is the home country and that it is not one of the first countries to receive its shipment is just something that its home market has to deal with.  The long wait is over and HTC has released a statement that the device will finally be sold in its home market this week.


Furthermore, the HTC One variants that will be sold in Taiwan will be offered with a lower internal memory than the internationally released versions.  At 16GB, HTC One fans in Taiwan will have to make do with the compromise to finally get their much-awaited device.  It will be sold for approximately $675, so hurry and check out your HTC store if you want this device very badly.



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