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Samsung has no intension to ever bring up or even mention the Galaxy Note 7 and that fact was made obvious in their latest Galaxy Note 9 teaser. As the tiny ten-second teaser continues, we see all the Galaxy Note Devices for a few milliseconds each, up until the words "Pen" and "New?" pops up on screen subsequently, followed by the text "Note 9." However, in what is a somewhat amusing yet understandable move, Samsung has not added the infamous Galaxy Note 7 to that list!

Given that the phone literally blew up in their customers' faces, that doesn't come as a huge surprise of course. Nevertheless, one can't help but notice the denial all the same. The real question that I have is why would Samsung take this route for the teaser where talk of the Note 7's absence would only make the infamous black sheep of the Note family even more infamous. Unless Samsung believes in no publicity is bad publicity, I would say it's not a very smart marketing move on their part.

Check the Tweet here.

Saikat Kar

The launch of the Galaxy Note 9 is set on August 9, with sales beginning on August 24 in most regions, but there's little left to the imagination as we have all but seen the smartphone officially. As we inch closer to the launch date, here is a short list of everything we know about the Galaxy Note 9 so far, along with some allegedly real images of the next Note.

Bigger Battery

Although the battery debacle of the Galaxy Note 7 still likely haunts Samsung's memories, they are probably not going to back out this year because of that. Samsung made that part clear by releasing a teaser which directly declared that the Note 9 will have a much better battery life, hopefully due to the presence of a bigger battery inside.

Similar Design to the Note 8

Well, if you thought that the Note 8 was a beautiful design, then you should be happy to know that Samsung is sticking with it this year as well. Apart from the change in internals, a better-placed fingerprint sensor and a 0.4-inch bigger display, the Note 9 will look almost exactly the same as the Note 8. This isn't a surprise, given that the S9 and S9+ also followed the design language of their predecessors.

Bluetooth Stylus

The stylus, aka the S-Pen will likely bring the most amount of innovation to the Note family this year. Rumor has it that it will support Bluetooth, but how Samsung will make use of that (apart from a few remote functionalities such as playing media) feature, remains to be seen. The stylus will definitely come in gold, but could also come in red and black as alternative options.

Power Under the Hood

You can expect the same power under the hood of the Galaxy Note 9, as that of the S9+, which is to say a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810 SoC,coupled with 6GB/8GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB/512GB internal storage.


Although minor improvements are not out of the question yet, the Note 9 will in all likelihood, sport the same dual camera as the Galaxy S9+. Given that the S9 Plus has a very capable pair of shooters with dual aperture options, that's not bad news at all.

Price and Release

The exact price will vary, depending on where you are buying it from, but overall, it is expected that Samsung will put a halt to the ever-increasing price of smartphones every year by keeping the price of the Note 9 almost the same or very close the price tag sported by the Note 8 last year. Whetehr this is true or just wishful thinking, remains to be seen of course! As far as the launch and release is concerned, August 9 will be the launch date as that's when Samsung has called the press in for the Samsung Unpacked event in NYC. Preorders will begin within a week or maybe even the very next day, while it should start going on sale by August 24 in North America. Other regions may have to wait till September to get their hands on the Galaxy Note 9 though.

Most of these "rumors" are almost facts at this point, so you can rely on what you just read. Nevertheless, it's never to late for old Sammy to surprise us with a few hidden tricks!

Saikat Kar

If you are even remotely into gaming, then you have probably already heard about Fortnite, thanks to the game's soaring popularity. Cashing in on the title's fame, the developer, Epic Games is on the verge of releasing an Android version of the game, but rumor has it that Fortnite for Android will be a timed exclusive for the Galaxy Note 9.

We are using the term "timed exclusive" because unlike console exclusives such as God of War or Uncharted, Fortnite for Android will eventually make its way to all supported Android devices, but for the first 30 days from the handset's release, it would be exclusively playable only on the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. 9to5Google reports that this is a result of Epic Games teaming up with Samsung for the promotion of the handset and the early adopters of the Note 9 will get added bonuses. The bonuses may include in-game currency (V-Bucks) worth up to $150. Just in case you are not into Fortnite, you will also be given the option to choose a pair of AKG earphones of the same value instead. We will find out more as we head towards the August 9 launch date.

Saikat Kar

We now know that the Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled at a Samsung Unpacked event in New York on the 9th of August, which makes it the perfect time for the company to be releasing a video teaser and Samsung did just that.

You can see the video for yourself on top, so we are skipping the part where I go through every scene in the 30-second clip! However, what was made obvious with the teaser is the fact that the Galaxy Note 9 will sport better life. Whether that improvement in battery performance will come in the form of better battery management or a significantly bigger battery is something that we will just have to wait and find out. Hopefully, it will be a combination of both, without any of the fiery issues which accompanied the infamous Galaxy Note 7 back in 2016! In any case, I could definitely use a bigger battery, since my S8 now needs to be charged twice a day, everyday after just a year.

Saikat Kar

Samsung had been losing ground in India for a couple of years now, but things got particularly serious when Samsung lost the number one spot to Xiaomi two quarters ago; a feat that had not been achieved for years in the country. However, instead of conceding defeat, Samsung released some new smartphones in the budget and mid-range category (the Galaxy J series in particular) to resurface as the country's leading smartphone vendor, which has clearly worked because Samsung is back on top after just two quarters.

Do keep in mind that in spite of improving the sales numbers, the lead is a slim one as Xiaomi still claimed an impressive 28% of the total smartphone sales in in Q2 2018, and Samsung only managed to edge the Chinese OEM out by a 1% lead, by claiming 29% of the total smartphone sales in India last quarter. As you can see in the image, Vivo, Oppo and Huawei's Honor series held the third, fourth and fifth position respectively, although the difference in between the top two OEMs and the rest is huge!

Source: Counterpoint

Saikat Kar

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