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In the world of Virtual Reality, Microsoft and Samsung are competitors, but it looks like these two tech giants are working together on a project that involves an AR/VR headset. There's a big difference between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as the former encompasses and augments the real world with virtual elements, while the latter cuts the user off completely from the real world to provide an immersive experience. It looks like the next project from the duo is going to blur the line between the two as the wireless headset they are working on will allegedly have both and AR and VR capabilities. Unlike the Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality headset which was released in 2017, this one will probably not need a separate computer to power it.

The news was confirmed by The Korea Times after a Samsung representative spoke to them and even informed the paper that the product will have Samsung's own AMOLED displays, sensors and processors.

Saikat Kar

A few days ago, a rumor began circulating that the Galaxy S10 will be launched quite early and as a result, it would be released early as well. However, it is to be noted that the same rumor circulated about the Galaxy S9 as well, so we would not recommend taking this one too seriously. You can argue that the Galaxy S9 was indeed launched early as compared to the Galaxy S8 but that's only because the Galaxy S8 was delayed intentionally to iron out all the battery issues that ruined the infamous Note 7. Traditionally, Samsung has always released the S series of flagship phones near the last week of February and the S9 just got back on routine this year after the exception of the Galaxy S8. Therefore, the January launch date which a report by The Bell seems to indicate is unlikely.

Some are of the opinion that this change in schedule might be brought on due to the impending release of Samsung's first foldable smartphone next year, but things are way too vague at the moment to give any credence to such reports. We will keep you updated as things develop.

Saikat Kar

Let's admit it, the foldable smartphone is a mythical beast from Samsung that never realty came to be even after three years since it was first heard of. In fact, even head honchos at Samsung has confirmed that there is a project going on to develop this ultimate smartphone cum tablet combo, but we are yet to see anything substantial. On that note, read on below to know what the umpteenth rumor is now saying about this Duke Nukem Forever of the smartphone world!

According to reports, the upcoming foldable smartphone project has been renamed to "Winner" from "Project Valley" by Samsung. These are of course internal codenames and has little significance to customers, but it's a development nonetheless. Rumor also has it that we will see this smartphone being unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2019, but then again, that's what the rumors had been saying every year!

Via: SamMobile

Saikat Kar

While most manufacturers do have a codename for almost all their important devices, not every one of those codenames make it onto the final consumer product. The Galaxy S10 seems to have the codename Beyond, but it's probably only for the internal staff and not exactly a marketing term that we will see printed on the box. In case you are not aware, the Galaxy S9 has the codename Star and the Galaxy S8 was dubbed Dream.

So, does the name Beyond signify anything? It could, given that the Galaxy S10 is going to be Samsung's tenth anniversary S-series phone and they will likely hate to be outdone by Apple. The 3D camera which is rumored to be featured in the S10 could be a game changer, along with the in-display fingerprint scanner. We will just have to wait and see if Sasmung is truly able to go "beyond" their current gen flagships with the Galaxy S10.

Source: The Bell

Saikat Kar

Wi-Fi Alliance has long been the site where upcoming phones and tablets have been leaked at during the certification process and this time, it was time for the upcoming Galaxy Tab S4 to make an appearance on the site for its Wi-Fi certification.

Granted that this isn't much of a leak since we already knew that the Tab S4 is coming, but its appearance on the site suggests that the tablet might not be as far away from release as was rumored previously. The tablet seen on the site is indeed the Tab S4 with model number SM-T835 and possibly a 10.5-inch QHD display at 16:10 ratio. Unfortunately, just like all previous tablets by Samsung, it will be powered by an outdated flagship chip, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. There will also be 4 GB of RAM onboard, backed by 64GB internal storage and a possible expansion slot for a micro-SD card. SamMobile suggests that the Galaxy Tab S4 could be making an appearance at the IFA in August - September 2018.

Saikat Kar

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