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The Galaxy S10 is all set to be unveiled in less than a month's time and this year around, there will be three devices in the S10 line-up, instead of two. However, the existence of the S10, S10 Plus and the S10 E (Lite) is old news now, but what this render from the famous leakster Evan Blass does is that it gives us a very clear and side-by-side look at the upcoming devices.

If rumors are to be believed, then Samsung will also release a fourth Galaxy S10 smartphone, which will be called the Galaxy S10 X. The S10 X is rumored to feature a huge 6.7-inch display and even 5G, but we will have to wait to find out if there really is any truth to this rumor. Even if it's true though, Samsung will likely keep it restricted to specific markets such as South Korea and luckily, the US as well.

Saikat Kar


If the term "shapeshifting" got you intrigued, then you are not the only one because it is the first time we have heard this term being used to describe a television set as well! Apparently, the 75-inch TV which Samsung just unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas has a micro-LED panel and that's why it is called a "shapeshifting TV."  According to what little was made available for the public ear, the micro-LED technology will allow the television set to change in-between a square display format, to a widescreen video strip, according to the need of the hour. President of Samsung Display, Jonghee Han stated, "This screen is customizable and can be placed anywhere in the home."

While we would have loved to have given you more detailed information regarding what it actually means and how well Samsung has implemented the technology, this is all we have for now. But stay tuned to YouMobile for more interesting updates as the CES 2019 progresses further.

Saikat Kar


2019 is here and the Galaxy S10 is hardly a few months away from being unveiled. As expected, the rumors and leaks have already started to trickle in from various sources, just like every year before this. Today's leak comes from popular leakster Evan Blass and the prototype does look quite realistic and at par with the expectations, especially due to the front camera punch hole that we see on the right side. The infinity-O display, aka "punch hole" seems to be quite similar to what was seen on the Galaxy A8s.

Codenamed Beyond 1, the device in the picture doesn't look too different from the current gen Galaxy S9 to be honest, but there are of course, two major changes here. Firstly, the smaller bezels are made possible thanks to the Infinity-O display which will house the front camera under the glass. Secondly, the S10 seems to have been designed with a panel that's not as much curved as the ones on the S9 or the S8 series. Stay tuned for more on the Galaxy S10, as we head closer to the February unveiling date at the MWC 2019.

Saikat Kar

Manufacturers that produce the screenguards, cases and back covers for upcoming smartphone models are usually the first to get a prototype of the concerned handset and therefore, they are usually able to provide the best idea regarding what's to expect. Staying true to that tradition, famous leakster Ice Universe has posted a video on YouTube which attempts to guess the size of the upcoming Galaxy S10+ by taking a close look at some of the cases.

After trying to fit multiple handsets into the case, we can see that it is the Galaxy S9+ which is almost a perfect fit, making the dimensions of the Galaxy S10+ quite obvious. However, the S10+ will still have a larger display than the 6.2-inch one on the S9+, thanks to the Infinity-O display which will only sport a punch hole for the front camera and no bezels whatsoever. Given that the Oppo Find X with its 6.4-inch all-display front fits quite perfectly into the case, that is the expected screen size of the S10+, just as rumored before. Check out the video for more details.

Saikat Kar


The Galaxy S7 Edge was Samsung's last device to sport an "Edge" moniker because from the Galaxy S8 onwards, both devices in the S-series started to sport curved displays, making the moniker useless. However, if a statement by MobileFun is to be believed, they have heard from a reliable source that one of the devices in Samsung's upcoming S10 series will once again be called Galaxy S10 Edge. As MobileFun has stated that the source is none other than one of Samsung's own supply partners, the information probably has some truth to it. If you are wondering which model will be called the Galaxy S10 Edge, know that it would be the regular Galaxy S10 with a 6.1-inch display, as per the source.

If this rumor turns out to be true, then it is very likely that the Galaxy S10 Lite will have a flat panel, instead of the curved panel on the Galaxy S10 Edge and the Galaxy S10 Plus. The same source also claims that all Galaxy S10 devices will come with screen protectors pre-installed, not unlike what Chinese manufacturers like Vivo or Oppo had been doing for a long time.

Via: SamMobile

Saikat Kar

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