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  One advantage to Apple's walled garden approach is that it keeps everything tightly controlled. This means that they have greater control over apps and what kind of data these apps can access. This can cut down on potential abuse. But there is no such thing as a perfect system. According t... Read more

  Most modern day cameras have the ability to wirelessly transfer photos and videos. For the most part, it is only to a local smartphone or laptop. If you're looking for the ability to transfer photos and videos to a remote server or location, Sony might have something for you in the form of... Read more

  The last time we saw a clamshell foldable phone from Huawei, it came in the form of the Huawei Pocket S that launched back in 2022. The company is gearing up to launch a new model, according to a teaser image shared on Weibo along with the caption for the Huawei Pocket 2.   Accordin... Read more

We know that many people love the big screens of their phones. Playing games, surfing the web, and watching movies is much more enjoyable on a larger display. The problem is that larger displays can be unwieldy, which is why the 2023 ASUS Zenfone 10 was one of our favorite devices. But it looks li... Read more

  Since the start of 2024, rumors about Apple developing a foldable smartphone have appeared quite often. The latest speculation, coming from South Korea, further supports this notion and provides additional details about the tech giant's plans.   According to Alpha Economy (via Andro... Read more

  Buying a mid-ranger these days could be a challenging task - there are so many great options out there. To make your choice even harder (or easier, actually), vivo is going to launch the vivo V30 Pro in no time - it's expected to debut on February 28.   Its non-Pro counterpart, the ... Read more

  Not too long ago, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu was in the news after rumors of an upcoming Polestar-branded smartphone (yes, that Polestar) revealed that the upcoming handset was in fact, a rebranded Meizu Infinity-series device. With that being said, it looks like the company is ... Read more

When it comes to tablets, there are different tablets for different needs. If you happen to work outdoors a lot and need something to withstand the daily rigors of outdoor use, then a rugged tablet might be the way to go. The good news is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5 has finally made its w... Read more

  The Android 15 update will be released later this year. But if you're curious about what kind of changes and new features the update will bring to the table, you won't have to wait much longer. This is because Google has released the first Developer Preview of Android 15.   As with ... Read more

  If you were on the lookout for a fairly-new gaming monitor for your home gaming setup, then you might like what ASUS has to offer with its latest monitor, a new addition to its ROG Swift OLED line. The monitor packs a sharp 4K resolution, in addition to a nice variety of other features. &... Read more

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