[APK Download] A look at Solid Explorer 2.0 BETA with Full Material Design UI

26 May, 2015 App Updates

solid explorers

File Explorers are a very Important Apps, one of the first thing you install when you buy a New Phone or right after a factory reset. Solid Explorer has long been one of the most popular file managers on Android because of its slick dual-pane UI and extensive feature list. It's time for an update...




Solid Explorer 2.0 BETA looks completely amazing because it includes Full Material Design UI. It has all of the Lollipop animations we've come to expect, along with a proper full-height navigation menu, floating action button, and colored status bar. The default blue/orange UI can be changed to whatever you like in the settings. You even get animated thumbnails for video. That's cool, but I could see it ending up a little annoying long-term. The app looks great, but I'm not sure about the icon.




You can Try Solid Explorer 2.0 BETA on your Android device now, by joining its Google+ Community HERE then head to the Play Store link to Become a Tester HERE Or download the official APK below.


Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer 2.0 BETA [APK]


Solid Explorer 2.0 BETA [Play]



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