[Google I/O 12] Google Update Play Movies with TV shows and New UI, Play Books too [Download]

27 June, 2012 Google I/O


Google Released big updates to the Google Play Store. Google Update the Play Movies and added the option to rent or buy as well as add TV shows.


TV Shows


The update is Now available for the Google Play Movies app. It appears as though TV shows aren't quite available for purchase or rent yet, but I'm sure that will change very soon.


Play Movies

Google Play Movies






Google Play books


Also Google Update the Play Books with New features and some Bug fixes.

Google Play Books Update Change-log:


  • Add bookmarks to a page by tapping the top right corner or using the menu.
  • Stream video and audio embedded in books.
  • Support fixed-layout EPUBs (on Honeycomb or higher), SVG images(on Honeycomb or higher), and original fonts.
  • Enable or disable auto text-to-speech in "Settings" menu.
  • Enable or disable downloading via WiFi only in "Settings" menu.
  • Links in books now works.
  • Bug fixes.

Download Play Books





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