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10 Hidden Features on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Revealed By Samsung

19 April, 2014 Galaxy S7

Galaxy S5

Samsung revealed 10 Hidden features on the Galaxy S5 that weren't really advertised in its promotion, have been released today. Here's the list of these features that you might didn't know about.


1. You can write on it with a pencil. The screen is so sensitive to touch that you could use an actual pencil point to write on it. Why anyone would want to scratch up their screen and simultaneously stain it with lead, is of course, beyond us. All you need to do is dig into the menu settings and increase the device's touch sensitivity.



2. Tilt to make a playlist: That's right, if you're listening to a certain type of song and then tilt your phone horizontally, your Galaxy S5 will automatically look for songs that are stored in your phone that are similar to the one you're listening to. This makes setting the perfect music, for the perfect mood, an easier endeavor. If it works correctly, that is.




3. You can use Toolbox to create a small sidebar that displays your favorite apps when you press and hold the small white icon that hovers across all pages on your home-screen . Samsung Touchwiz users from back in the day will remember this little set up from older, non-Android, Samsung touchscreen handsets. Just enable it in your settings and you can get to toolboxing.


S5 privacy

4. The Galaxy S5 has a privacy mode: you can hide certain documents or pictures that only become accessible with a certain unlock pattern. You just need to go into the settings, select which files you want protected, and then enter a special unlock pattern or pin code. When you unlock your phone, you or whoever has access to it won't be able to see these files unless that special unlock code has been entered.




5. The Galaxy S5 has a kids mode: You need to download the Kids mode app and when you do, you can turn your Galaxy S5 into a more child-friendly, cute multimedia device for your little ones. It features a simplified, cute design that is easier to children to navigate, special applications that you can download only for kids, app permissions that you set, and even set a time limit for how long they can use the phone.




6. Access your camera right from the lock screen by swiping the camera icon to the side. You'll go straight into camera mode, saving you a bit of time to capture that picture perfect moment before it eludes you.




7. Virtual Tour, Shot & More Mode: The Galaxy S5's camera now allows you to create .gif like images that help you to create a "virtual tour". You take multiple photos of different areas to combine a type of "tour" to show your friends and family. Pretty cool panoramic stuff. Shot and more just allows you to edit your pictures and add effects immediately after you take them.

8. You can set your priority contacts with "Priority Senders". The top people you message in your messaging app can be set up top, so you have easier access to the ones you reach out to most.

9. You can also check the information of a caller while you're already talking on the phone. So any communication you've had with them, their email address, or whatever info you have saved on your phone, can be displayed at any time.




10. The S5 also provides "Call Notification Pop-ups", and you can receive an in-call pop up while you're using another application, without having to exit the application.





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