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3 Best Plagiarism checker apps for new bloggers

23 October, 2021 Education



Finding the best and the suitable app can be difficult and a hectic job especially for newbies.


The reason it is difficult is, they don't know what to consider and what to ignore so, we did this job for them.


But first of all, understanding that what is a plagiarism checker and, is plagiarism checker apps easily available on your mobile phone or not.


One thing that can be very attractive for many people when they heard about the plagiarism checker apps and that thing is, mobile phones are handy.


It means you can check the plagiarism of your documents and blogs anywhere and anytime so, it can be a good option.


But the thing is, are these apps free, or do you need to pay some cost for using them? We are going to discuss all the factors in detail.


Mobile apps VS. Online tools

We cannot underestimate any of the two but we need to check the effectiveness based on logic and easiness.


If we talk about the mobile applications, we mentioned above that you can use them anywhere and anytime because mobile phones are handy than a laptop.


And most of the people find it easy to use mobile applications instead of using online web tools.


When it comes to the online web tools, the interface of these tools is easier and clearer like you don't need to search things.


It is not wrong to say that it depends on the choice of the users either they go for mobile applications or online web tools.


But here, we are specifically talking about the plagiarism checker apps and that's why we have only shortlisted the apps and we are going to discuss them in detail.


Top 3 useful apps for checking plagiarism

Same as the online tools, many apps are dedicated to checking plagiarism, and as we mentioned above that finding the best one can be difficult.
Let's have a look at the plagiarism checker apps we have concluded for you and pick any of them.


1. Prepostseo

1. Prepostseo


We are pretty sure that if you are a writer or blogger then you must hear about Prepostseo and if you don't then you are on the right guide.


The very first thing is the availability of this tool so, we can say that this plagiarism checker app is readily available on the Play store.


All you need is to search, install, and start using this app. The second thing is to check the interface of this app because it is very important especially for newbies.


After having a personal experience, we can say that this app can be used by anyone, and no technical knowledge about this app is required.


The interface is simple just because everything is written clearly like you don't need to search things in this app.


We have seen that there are some features that deserve to be discussed and that's why we are going to discuss them.


According to the developers of this application, it is completely authentic like it can give you accurate results.


Secondly, there is more than one file format that can be used to check plagiarism like some of the apps is limited to only text files.


But when it comes to this application, we have three major file formats that are txt, pdf, and doc file formats.


Having these three general file formats is a good option for the users and you don't need to convert any file before checking the plagiarism.


2. Plagly

2. Plagly


Plagiarism checker apps work on the algorithms that are dedicated to checking the content on the internet and different databases to find out the duplication and this app does the same.


Same as the previously discussed app, Plagly also has a web tool and it is quite common among bloggers and students.


The professional writers claimed that it is one of the instant plagiarism checker apps and readily available.


All we need to search for the plagiarism checker apps and pick this one and start downloading it on our device.


But things are not over and out on the availability of this app but we need to focus on some other things which are also very important.


So, when we talk about the interface, it is not that complex but not that easy as well but if you are used to using this app then there is no problem.


But it can be a good choice if your preference is to get the results in less time so, it depends on you whether to go for this tool or not.


3. Plagiarism detection

3. Plagiarism detection


The good and the most attractive thing about this app is, it can work without the internet which means it can work offline.


We can say that there are many situations in which there is no internet available so, using this app can be a good option.


The working of all the plagiarism checker apps is almost the same like you need to paste the content you are willing to check and secondly, some apps are providing more than one uploading option.


One thing that can be discouraging for many users is, you need to sign up first for even using the free version of this application.


Most of the people want a simple tool that needs no registration or no sign up before using but here you need to sign up first.



You can check plagiarism by any of the applications and not only mobile application, you can also use web tools on mobile phones.


But applications are specifically created for mobile phones and it can be a better choice so, we have discussed the top three apps.


And these three apps are worth using and, in the end, it depends on your requirements that which app can be suitable for you.


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