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4 Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website

12 November, 2020 Web Tech

4 Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website


How important is it to have a mobile friendly website? If you're creating a website in 2020, then it simply has to be mobile friendly. The problem is, there are still so many sites out there that aren't. Don't let that be your site, and make the most of these five benefits of a mobile friendly website.



The majority of traffic in 2020 comes from mobile devices.


Just think about all those searches you make on your mobile device; it's the same for everyone else as well, and this is the reason why mobile queries account for 50.71% of Google searches.


If the majority of your traffic is coming from mobile devices then it goes without saying that you've got to cater for these people. A poor mobile experience and you're alienating your traffic just like that.


It might take a little extra effort to make sure your website is well optimized for mobile, but the difference it will make is huge.



Google has moved to a mobile-first indexing system, which means it looks at the mobile version of your site when judging where it should rank.


This makes sense, because Google knows at least half of its customers are using mobile, so it tries to promote the results that offer the best mobile experience. If your website is not one of them, then you're going to find it much more difficult to rank and bring in organic traffic.


Seeing as every website can benefit hugely from organic traffic this is a pretty big deal and a major reason to invest in mobile optimization. Working with an SEO agency such as, you can make sure you're giving yourself the best chance of ranking well by optimizing your mobile experience.


User Experience

Your aim isn't just to get people to your website; you also want them to engage with your content and help you achieve your goals (normally selling your products or services.)


If your website isn't offering a good user experience, or loads slowly, then they're not going to stick around and engage with your site; they're going to bounce back to Google because they get frustrated.


A site that's not optimized for mobile will have errors when people view it from mobile, and this can make it extremely difficult to engage with. These user experiences are going to mean people spend less time on your site and lower your chances of converting on your goals.



When people engage with your website, they're looking for signs of trust. If people are going to part with their money for your products of services, then they expect you to be able to produce a website that works for mobile.


If you can't do this, then they're going to doubt the professionalism of your business and therefore wonder if they can trust you with things like online transactions. Issues such as poor mobile responsiveness raise doubts in people's minds and mean you've got more hurdles to overcome to make a sale.


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