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4 Mobile Apps For Online Shopping

29 December, 2020 Web Tech

4 Mobile Apps For Online Shopping


There are many mobile shopping apps available to Android users, but not all are winners when it comes to finding the best deals available. People who want the biggest bang for their buck should look for apps that allow a person to either buy gently used items or to buy items at steep discounts. The following four apps do just that and allow online shoppers to get a lot for their money.


The Poshmark App

The Poshmark app is geared towards women, but really anyone can use it to find gently used clothing, books, houseware items, and even CBD products. This app is filled with items that other users are selling. Some of the items may be brand new, homemade, designer, or even knockoff. Sellers list items at whatever price they choose, but deep discounts are encouraged.


Those interested in purchasing an item can buy the item at the set price or make the seller an offer. All of the sellers are in the U.S., and items are all shipped Priority Mail, so it usually takes just a few days for buyers to receive their online purchases. If they don't have all of the CBD and cannabis products a person needs, i49 has more options available.


The Mercari App

The Mercari app is closely related to the Poshmark app, and the setup is very similar. This app also lets users purchase an assortment of new, gently used, homemade, handmade, one-of-a-kind and vintage items at steep discounts. Whatever a person seeks, they can likely find it on Mercari, and it's highly unlikely they will pay anywhere near the full price for the item.


Mercari also allows users to either buy the items at the price the seller listed or they can make offers on things just as users can with the Poshmark app. There are a few rules to Mercari, like no food items, and sellers aren't allowed to use stock photos. These rules protect buyers, as buying food online can be a risk, and the seller has to show a photo they took of the items to prove that they have the item in their possession. The seller gets to choose who pays shipping, themselves or the buyer, and that will be listed on the item for potential buyers to see.


The Wish App

An app that sells new products at big discounts is the Wish app. This app allows users to shop from sellers all over the globe. Prices are cheap, but buyers may have to wait several weeks for their teams to be delivered from far away places like Hong Kong or China.


People can find anything on this app, including sexy lingerie, kawaii stationery, pet supplies, home goods, bento boxes, and more. Anything a person needs or wants, besides groceries and a new car, they can probably find on the Wish app. Again, the wait for it to arrive could be several weeks to even a month or two.


The Amazon App

It's very likely that everyone has heard of the Amazon app, and most people probably already have it downloaded onto their phone. This shopping app allows users to find anything from out-of-print books to beef jerky. The same items may be available from many sellers, including directly from Amazon.


The online competition helps to keep prices low. Amazon Prime users also get free shipping, meaning they can order items large to small, and as long as it's a Prime item, they won't incur shipping charges. This really comes in handy when the item needed is four dollars and a person doesn't want to spend seven dollars on shipping.


In conclusion, there are lots of shopping apps to choose from in the app store. The best ones are the apps that help shoppers score good deals. If a buyer wants a deal on the items they need, they can check out Poshmark, Mercari, Wish, or the Amazon app.


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