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4 Top Communication Tools in the Digital Age

10 June, 2021 Web Tech

4 Top Communication Tools in the Digital Age


In this digital era, communication calls for change, and means that seemed to be working two decades ago no longer significantly impact. In the '90s, when email was invented, it seemed to have taken center stage, but now there are new communication tools that are more effective and get more customer responses.


Finding the right communication tools in this millennial reign is essential if you want to reach a broader audience. This is because people have preferences that they hold onto, and it would be best to approach them on those platforms. If you haven't heard of a voice broadcast service, then this article is for you.


History of Social Technologies in the Digital Workplace

Research shows that companies adopted the new technologies as their primary means of collaboration and communications in the mid-2000s.


During that period, YouTube and social influencers had a more considerable say in the digital marketing scheme. Around 2010, companies grew to use internal tools to add any information such as the mission, vision, and goals.


At the moment, companies rely on internal social technologies for advanced purposes like strategic insights. The best way to connect with Gen Z's and Millennials is through online platforms since they don't prefer phone calls like folks from back in the day.


So how can you communicate effectively in this digital age?


How to Communicate More Effectively in a Digital Age

At the moment, most of the communication is carried out online. Whether through social media or other means, these are platforms meant for both communication and news-gathering, as many people seek mentorship and fancy a collaborative work environment.


It is essential to use the right tools for productivity, straightforward communication, collaboration, and to cut down on time used for processes. Whether you are using a voice broadcast service or a live chat, you'll ensure that everyone is updated on the company's proceedings and makes work even more straightforward.


Discuss 4 Top Communication Tools in the Digital Age

The top communication stools in this digital age will help your company improve the connectivity of the employees. Some of the tools to opt for include


1. Company News

The best way you can update your employees on any changes made or something new that has come up is by using company news. All you have to do is include a 'What's New' widget on the homepage and drop all the updates. That way, when an employee visits the page, they can see every breaking news within the company.


2. Live Chat

Live chat is an excellent way for quick communication between employees. They can communicate to their partner or someone in another department easily if they need their help with something. It avoids unnecessary movements and waste of time.


3. Discussion Forum

You won't have to walk into the boardroom repeatedly when you want to discuss a selected number of employees. A discussion forum helps employees hold talks on particular issues at the comfort of their offices and avoid raising any alarms, especially if there is an emergency.


4. Project Sites

Project sites are a tool that allows the management to post ongoing company projects. The access to these projects is limited to the number of authorized personnel involved in the project. That means they remain secure all through.


Using the right communication tools in this digital era is essential for company communications. It makes work easier and faster.


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