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5 Benefits of Traditional Schooling Over Online Classes

22 September, 2021 Education

5 Benefits of Traditional Schooling Over Online Classes


Technology has changed the way we learn. The flexibility and comfort of learning from home attracted a lot of people. The demand for online education has also increased because of the pandemic. But does it mean that there's no place for traditional schooling in the new digitalized world?


Even though it's natural to use technology to enhance learning and make students' and teachers' lives easier, traditional in-person classes continue to be much more beneficial for students than online schooling. Here is why.


1. Traditional Schooling Is Well-Structured

Traditional schooling is based on a systematic framework that allows students to gain in-depth knowledge of subject areas. In contrast, online education is often based on the principles of microlearning with its bite-sized lessons. They might give general knowledge but don't promote mastery.


Furthermore, traditional classes are organized according to a fixed schedule. It helps to make learning consistent and systematic. Naturally, observing deadlines can be challenging, but you can use essay help online and hire professional essay writers to help you out. Delegating helps a lot when assignments pile up, and there's not enough time to complete everything.


An organized learning schedule also shapes a student's character. They become more responsible and mature. It guarantees a successful transition of high school students into college and/or into the workforce.


2. Traditional Schooling Fosters Interpersonal Skills

Face-to-face communication with classmates and teachers is the core of engagement and collaboration. Students get to work together on projects, presentations, and speeches. This classroom environment is also a place where students ask questions and get immediate feedback. In continuous cooperation, learning becomes easier and more effective.


The most important benefit of traditional classes is the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills, including:

  • Awareness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Empathy
  • Patience
  • Active listening
  • Building relationships
  • Leadership
  • Flexibility

With these skills, students become better at public speaking. They know how to explain their viewpoints and sound convincing when delivering speeches. It's valued across all industries.


Online schooling doesn't provide tools for collaboration that will be as effective as in-person interactions. It supports chats and discussion boards. Yet, when learning online, students don't build strong connections or develop empathy. They simply can't see the emotions or non-verbal cues of others, which makes online communication less effective.


3. Traditional Schooling Supports Memory Development

The organization of traditional in-person education plays a significant role in the development of memory in children and adolescents. In school, students need to memorize a lot. Even though they might feel like they need to learn way too much information, this is actually a benefit. By learning and actively recalling the material, students train their memory and keep it sharp.


A person also has to memorize information when learning online. Yet, this type of schooling is less strict. A teacher is unlikely to catch students cheating while they take a test. Even answering questions via video calls, they still have a possibility to look up the material. As a result, the information doesn't get transferred in the long-term memory. This undermines their ability to learn and reach academic objectives.


4. Traditional Schooling Promotes Motivation and Discipline

To be successful as online students, people have to take charge of their progress and manage their schedules by themselves. This requires strong self-discipline and motivation. Flexibility and self-paced learning are beneficial only if a person is ready to make education a priority and dedicate enough time to studies. Otherwise, productivity will suffer.


Traditional schooling is a better option for those who find it hard to avoid distractions and manage time. It offers students a structured schedule with clear deadlines and expectations. This fosters a sense of accountability and helps students to stay on top of their coursework.


A traditional learning environment is designed to keep students concentrated and engaged. Teachers constantly monitor their progress and help them to build upon what they've learned. Immediate feedback and constant learning support help students to stay motivated.


5. Traditional Schooling Is More Accessible Than Online Schooling

Online classes require investment. Students need to have a computer, reliable internet connection, equipment for video conferencing, and the necessary software. However, a lot of people don't have access to the technological devices needed to take an online course. This leads to the unequal distribution of academic opportunities.


Traditional schooling can be effective with as little as a notebook and a pencil. Although technology is widely used to enhance teaching, it isn't a primary necessity. Teachers can still share their knowledge and hold discussions without any additional resources. Therefore, traditional education is more accommodating than online schooling. It's accessible and, in most cases, free for everyone.


The Bottom Line

Despite being more flexible and customized, online schooling has several downsides that make it less effective than traditional education. It is less organized and can be completely useless unless a person is highly motivated and independent. Some subject areas can't be taught online at all. In contrast, face-to-face schooling gives students practical skills and knowledge. They learn how to collaborate with others and develop interpersonal skills. The organization of traditional classes also supports students' motivation and memory development. This makes traditional schooling a more solid option for everyone who's seeking academic mastery.


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