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5 Reasons Why We Should All Be Using QR Codes More Often

5 November, 2020 Business


QR codes are surprisingly more useful than you might think. But the strange thing is; most people don't even know what a QR code is. If you've ever seen a block of black and white squares at a restaurant or on advertising, then it's probably a QR code. Those blocks are similar to barcodes. They contain information that can be read by virtually any smartphone with a camera and they have endless uses that most people don't even know about. So in this brief article, we're going to talk about 5 reasons why we should all be using QR codes more often.


5 Reasons Why We Should All Be Using QR Codes More Often


1. They're great for business use

Whether you're starting a business or have plans to grow a business in the future, QR codes can be an excellent way to get things done quicker. QR codes essentially link to websites, but they can also contain simple numbers and words as well. There are countless ways to use them, such as generating QR codes that serve as unique identifiers for your customers to use when paying for goods, or you can use them on your flyers and advertising to point to your website.


2. They can be used to download things

Since they can point to websites, you can actually make it point directly to a website link that downloads something. This can be excellent when encouraging users to download your business app, or even just to suggest an app to a friend or family member. These QR codes can be automatically generated by apps, or you can use a website to make them.


3. Anyone can make a QR code

Making a QR code is extremely easy. All you need to do is head to a website and just generate one. You can then print them out or even use them from your phone if you prefer. Since they're so accessible, there's no limitation on who can or can't use a QR code. It doesn't take expensive equipment to make one and there are no subscriptions or additional fees to pay.


4. QR codes take up less space

You can fit a surprisingly long link inside of a QR code. It's a fantastic way to make your advertising a little more succinct and to-the-point. Whenever you have physical advertising, you can simply include a QR code instead of a long text link that will take forever to type. Simply have a QR code and your customers can scan it when they see it. Then it'll automatically open up the relevant web page or app on the store. It's convenient, simple and makes your advertisements look much cleaner.


5. You can see how effective QR codes are

QR code effectiveness can actually be measured. QR codes can go through link-shortening services to not only fit larger links but to also measure the number of clicks (or in this case, scans) so that you know how popular the code is or how many people have used it in a certain timeframe.


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