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5 Secret Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S7

1 July, 2016 Samsung

Smartphones are a major part of our lives, and even though we know them well they often hold secrets. The Samsung S7 which is an Android device is powerful to do everything you need, though you may not know what all of these things are. In this article we're looking at some of the little secrets that are held within the phone which you may find useful.

Personalising your Home Screen

Your home screen is your first destination on your phone so it is important to have everything you need on it; you also want to find that perfect wallpaper for it. Did you know it was possible to personalise it to fit your needs quickly? Simple press the image for a few seconds and you'll be able to change not only the wallpaper but also the theme as well. If you want to fit more widgets and shortcuts on your screen, you can also change the grid size meaning you can have up to 25 items on the screen at the same time.

Block Swearing

There are times you may need to censor swear words off your phone, and there is an actual way to do this with a simple trick. Go to Settings, then click on Language and Input. From this point go to Google Voice Typing, and choose Block Offensive Words. This should help relieve any problems you have with swearing on your phone.

Creating New and Customising Folders

When your screen starts to get cluttered, the way to fix this is through the creation of folders. While it may not be obvious how to create these on the fly, all you actually have to do is hold your finger on one app then slide it over another and release. You can then drag any other apps into that folder. To remove one, hold your finger on an app until it is selected, then drag it out.

Setting up Notifications

Anybody who uses a smartphone will know the annoying nature of notifications. On the Samsung Galaxy S7 it is possible to handle how the notifications will appear and how they are handled. To make them more easy to handle go to Settings, Notifications and then you will have access to all App notifications, as well as the ability to turn them off or on again. It's not hard to make a few changes that will make your smartphone life a lot less annoying, and may even help with the battery life of your phone.

There are some other secrets hidden away on your Samsung Galaxy S7 so be sure to hunt them out. Once you have your phone working as you want it, you'll be able to get back to a game of Candy Crush Saga, or even a game of Rainbow Riches if that is your game of choice. The important thing is to gain control of your phone and make it work for you, rather than having it control your life.


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