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5 Top Benefits of Buying Refurbished Phones in Canada

23 November, 2021 Other

5 Top Benefits of Buying Refurbished Phones in Canada


Buying a refurbished Smartphone is not all about saving money. Instead, there is also the notion of reducing environmental impact and long shipping delays on new devices. Before we proceed, a refurbished gadget is a product reinstated to an almost new condition.


Lately, there has been an upsurge of refurbished phones across Canada and the entire world. That is because prominent brands have been releasing new phone models at an alarming rate. As a result, the tech-savvy audience competes in testing the latest iOS and Android versions. Unfortunately, a considerable percentage of buyers steer clear of renovated phones because of their low prices. Others underestimate the performance of second-hand phones immensely. This article intends to shed more light on why investing in refurbished phones is never a bad idea after all.


1. Quality Assurance

Apart from the few scratches and dents, most revamped phones are in perfect working condition. A complete face-lift process involves multiple tests to confirm the full potentiality of an old phone. Then, professionals check and repair any minor faults like dented cases or cracked screens.


Other restoration steps include wiping off information from old phones and reinstating initial factory settings. If need be, experts remove previous software or hardware customization installed in a phone. Lastly, they repair or add a new battery to the phone. After such as intensive overhaul, there is a high likelihood of phone buyers getting value for money. Nonetheless, ensure that you buy phones from reputable dealers with vetted credibility.


2. Eco Friendly

The latest phone industry is all about getting the fastest and most trendy devices. For this reason, some individuals frequently replace phones to catch up with the hype. Updating phones now and then undoubtedly creates trash in the landfills. Unknown to most people, e-waste easily pollutes the air and groundwater. In the long run, this exposure messes up the environment and transgresses to life-threatening health conditions.


You can save humanity from all these implications by buying reinstated phones. The bright side is that these phones are in perfect working order to serve you for a couple of years. With this knowledge, you may think twice before throwing your old phone in the bin. One ideal alternative is selling your old device at reputable stores like SecondCell. All you need to do is fill an online form and describe the condition of your phone. Amazingly enough, the system instantly gives an estimated price on your phone in a hassle-free manner.


3. Pocket Friendly

Who wouldn't want the latest Apple phone at a percentage of the standard price? With most people feeling the pinch of the current high-cost living, buying a cheaper quality phone seem like a wise idea. The good thing is that some brands have advanced technology that surpasses new phones from other companies.


Indisputably, this is a win-win situation where you end up spending less for value. Luckily, the Canadian market on refurbished phones is steadily thriving. Now you can get some of the recent phone models at the touch of a button. That means that you can order your refurbished phone online and get it delivered to your doorstep in record time.


4. Warranty

A phone warranty guarantees product quality. In a nutshell, it is a document that exudes the company's confidence in its gadgets. Before issuing warranties, the certified service team undertakes vital repairs and replaces any faulty parts. Warranties are beneficial to the client because they protect them in case of phone issues within a specific time limit.


Typically, phone dealers give warranty card that runs for 90 to 180 days. Some companies also promise customers money back if a reconditioned phone fails to meet their expectations. That way, you do not have to suffer with a non-functioning revamp phone because you can either get a refund or expert repair at no extra charge.


5. Wide Selection

We cannot refute that the current refurbished phone market is super significant. In truth, experts predict an accumulated market value of close to $65 billion by 2024. These figures translate to an incredible and diverse selection every time you walk into a second-hand phone store.
As we all know, nothing beats the excitement of shopping in a shop that offers diversity. Not only does the experience give you a chance to experiment with the newest phone models, but it also compares prices. Ultimately, you settle for a device that satisfies your needs and gives the thrill you deserve.


Bottom Line

Besides the allure attached to brand new phones, a refurbished one delivers nothing less. The crux of the matter is that you get similar phone features and power at a less exorbitant price. Remember that a good life does not always translate to overpriced products. Therefore, get that phone that makes you look like million bucks at a fantastic price.


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