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9 of the Best Electronic Signature Apps

2 February, 2021 App Updates


As businesses and professionals embrace technology across the board, electronic signatures are gaining traction. With electronic signatures apps, you can easily and conveniently append your signature on documents online.


9 of the Best Electronic Signature Apps


With a reliable electronic signature app, you can do much more than just append signatures. Some of the latest electronic signature generators even provide you with professionals templates for business, real estate, etc.


Read on to find the 9 best electronic signature apps you can rely on when signing electronic documents. Some of these have been attracting the attention of media houses.


#1 CocoSign - Most comprehensive electronic signature app

As a leader in the electronic signature market, CocoSign gives you access to a lot of features. Besides the ability to generate a signature, CocoSign is also an online database for online forms catering to different sectors and countries.


Most comprehensive electronic signature app


It supports the signing of documents in over 180 countries across the world. Besides, the signatures you append using CocoSign are legally valid. Recently, CocoSign service has been featured in TechCrunch and BuzzFeed.


With CocoSign, you get an electronic signature maker trusted across the world. It allows you to sign documents on the go using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Benefits of using CocoSign

CocoSign gives a leeway when signing documents online since you can do so from anywhere. Here are some of the benefits you get using CocoSign:


1. Secure storage for signed documents

With CocoSign, you get secure storage for your signed documents until they auto-expire. Best of all, CocoSign allows you to export the documents to a storage location of your choice.


2. Track document

CocoSign lets you track the progress of each signatory when signing a document. It informs you who have appended their signatures and those who are yet. All this you can do on your CocoSign dashboard.


3. Provides an audit trail

In case of any legal dispute, CocoSign provides you with an audit trail. Also, you can use this feature to monitor each transaction. The audit trail records everything from the name to the IP address and email address.


4. Saves your digital signature

CocoSign lets you save your digital signature for future use on the platform. With its in-person feature, CocoSign allows colleagues, customers, and employees to append their signatures. This can be done anywhere online.


5. Secure and legally binding

To protect your signature and document during transmission, CocoSign uses advanced encryption protocols. What's more, it complies with regulations set by eIDAS and ESIGN.


Generating your signature and appending it to a document is easy and straightforward with this app.


#2 Eversign

The electronic signature app is popular for its cheap plans. It has a positive reputation and is popular with businesses. With Eversign, you can use it to sign documents online using any internet-enabled device.


However, the drawback of this app comes alive when you try to sign a document with multiple pages. It is not stable and tends to slow down. The user interface can do with an upgrade too.


On its free plan, Eversign doesn't allow you to create templates and save them for future use.



Another popular electronic signature app is SIGNiX. The app is popular with healthcare organizations, wealth management institutions, real estate, and government bodies. It provides decent features to its users.


However, SIGNiX does not provide users a free version. For this, you have to request them for a free demo.


#4 SignRequest

With SignRequest, you get a handy signature app, even though it may not be as organized as other apps. It supports 17 countries across the world, although it is popular in the US and New Zealand.


The free plan in this app doesn't allow you to create templates.


#5 Concord

Concord provides some of the most advanced electronic signature features available today. The app is popular with established businesses like Kickstarter and Discord.


Concord provides some innovative features, such as the ability to edit documents in real-time. It also supports onboarding, workflow approvals, collaboration and communication, and Google Drive.


The drawback is that it is expensive, and the free version does not offer much.


#6 Docsketch

With Docsketch, you get all the features of an electronic signature maker. The app lets you sign legally-valid documents and create templates. Also, you get features such as multi-signatory support and audit reports.


However, its free plan is limited. It only lets you send 3 documents per month and set reminders and notifications. Besides, it is used by prominent businesses such as SUMO and Cornell University.


#7 PactSafe

With PactSafe, you get an electronic signature app used by popular brands like Doordash and Wayfair. It allows you to create a clickwrap agreement for your business. It even allows customers to append their signatures on contracts through text messages.


Also, you can create custom URLs for customers to collect digital signatures with this app. The main drawback is that it is expensive, costing $375/month. Also, you don't get a free version.


#8 Moxtra

Moxtra is a new electronic signature app that offers impressive features. The app offers many services, including payment collection, messenger, and task management, besides its signature feature.


It uses an innovative concept to accomplish its goals. However, you don't get a dedicated signature generator tool. Also, it lacks some cool features we've come to expect from electronic signature apps..


#9 DocuSign

For a while, DocuSign was the leading electronic signature maker. However, its glory days could be behind it. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


It supports hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals across the world. The drawback is that it is an expensive solution and customer support is not the best.



The best Electronic signature makers are easy to use across any platform. Hopefully, the post was enlightening for you. Some apps are better than others; so, we recommend CocoSign for your electronic signature maker.


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